Aegean Jewels

10 Day tour includes Athens, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini

Day 1 (Wednesday)

Athens. Arrival at Athens International Airport, assistance and transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2 (Thursday)

Athens City Tour with New Museum. Departure from the Hotel in the morning after breakfast, followed by a guided City tour of Athens. This tour gives you the opportunity to observe the striking contrasts between the capital of Classic Greece and the cosmopolitan city. On the ACROPOLIS you can admire the Temple of Athena Nike, as well as the Propylaea. The beautiful geometry of the Parthenon will come into view, as will the Erechtheion, with its renovated portico of the Caryatides, the PANDROSEION. You will visit the hill of FILOPAPOS, the paths of PLAKA, Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament with the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, the New Acropolis Museum and the modern city of Athens, the city chosen by the Gods. Afternoon free. Overnight in Athens.

Day 3 (Friday)

Mykonos. 3 Days Cruise Departure transfer to the Port of Piraeus. Embarkation on the 3 Days Cruise ship to Mykonos (without cabin). Arrival at 18,00 hrs and disembarkation. Transfer to the Hotel in Mykonos and overnight stay.

Days 4 & 5 (Saturday & Sunday)

Mykonos Free Days. The dry and barren island is one of the smallest of the Cycladic Islands, with Only 16 kms long and 11 kms wide. Its two highest Peaks reach 360 m above sea level. Today it is a popular resort with a very hectic life, beautiful shops and the favourite place to be for the jet setters.

Day 6 (Monday)

4 Day Cruise. Evening transfer to the port and embarkation for the 4 Days Cruise. Dinner on board.

Day 7 (Tuesday)

Kusadasi or Samos – Patmos. Arrival at Kusadasi or Samos, depending on whats been determined at the time of booking. Embarkation at 12:00hrs, in order to set sail to the Island of Patmos. Arrival at Patmos at approximately 16:00 hrs, disembarkation and free time to visit the island or to take the optional excursion to St. John’s Monastery. Embarkation at 21:00 hrs to set sail to Rhodes. Full board.

Day 8 (Wednesday)

Rhodes. Arrival at the Island of Rhodes at around 07:00 hrs. Disembarkation and free time. There are different optional excursions, to Lindos and the old city of Rhodes or a combination of both. The city is surrounded by walls built by the Knights of St. John circa XIV, and inside these walls lies the Acropolis of Lindos set on the brink of a precipice of 400 feet to the sea. It was at the below bay where St. Paul landed in his visit to the island. Enjoy your free time by visiting the town of Lindos, before returning to the city of Rhodes where you begin the journey on foot with a guide to Medieval Rhodes, visiting the Palace of the Knights and the avenue of the Knights. Embarkation and departure. Full board on board cruise ship.

Day 9 (Thursday)

Crete – Santorini. Arrival at the Island of Crete around 07:00hrs. Disembarkation and free time to take a optional excursion to the Palace of Knossos, the once capital of the historic civilisation of the Minoans. Visit part of the excavated Palace of King Minos, where you can find the lounge of the Royal Guard, decorated with frescos and shields, the Chamber of the Double Axes, The Kings quarters, in which you can find the Alabaster Throne and the Queens chambers. Embarkation. Set sail at around 11:30 hrs at around 16:30 hrs arrival to the Island of Santorini. Swift and Rocky precipices rise to more than a hundred meters above sea level, without plants or shrubs to smoothen the sight, the only colours being the reddish brown and burgundy that split the faces of the rocks. The scenery tells a story so dramatic and turbulent that the legend bonds to it like something inherent and unforgettable. Departure at time set by cruise boat. Full board on board.

Day 10 (Friday)

Athens – Airport. Arrival at the Port of Piraeus. Disembarkation and transfer to Athens International Airport.

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March – October

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