7 Days tour includes Athens, Githio, Pylos, Epidauros, Nauplia, Olympia & Delphi

This Greek tour begins with a journey to the historic city of Athens. While there you will see sights such as the Acropolis, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman and Greek agora and the Panathenaic Stadium. On the Acropolis you’ll be able to marvel at the Parthenon, the Erectheion, the Propylaea and the temple of Athens Nike, amongst others.

In Epidauros you will see first hand how perfect the acoustics were in the theater.

In Navplio the sights include 4 medieval Venetian fortifications and many picturesque spots.

Mycenaeans were one of the earliest Greek civilizations and you can admire the remaining tombs left by them.

In Gythio you can see a plethora of ancient caves, roam around the town and gaze at the lighthouse.

In Pylos, one of the most remote areas of the Mani, you can visit the Palace of Nestor and the nearby archaeological sites.

In Olympia you get to see the ruins in the setting of the first ever Olympic games some thousands of years ago. The Greek tour ends in Delphi, where the oracle lived in ancient times, you can admire the temple of Apollo, as well as parts of the stadium and treasury.

Type of Experience: Cruising | Off the Beaten Track

Locations: Argolida | Athens | Delphi | Olympia | Pylos

Duration: 7 Days

Validity: Summer (April - October)


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