Come join us at truly unique archaeological sites, where you will learn all the fantastic details about the lives of Ancient Greeks, and feel what it was like to be part of that vibrant part of history. True stories of that time are revived in the monuments that you will visit, where you will feel the magical atmosphere and intrigues of those times.

The team of Private Archaeological sightseeing tours in Greece consists of passionate and specialized professional travel guides that go way beyond the job description by providing you with much more than just the historical information. We promise you a unique first experience, as our aim is to present the Greek civilization through an experiential journey among different sites and artifacts, which were born amidst the philosophical quests of Ancient Greeks. The energy of the Parthenon marbles brings to life the society and lives of one of the biggest civilizations the world has ever encountered.

Archaeological tours in Greece

Your presence in those historical archaeological sites is of utmost importance, so that we can transport our minds back in time together, and learn about history at the very same place where it was made.

Your personal guide will take you on an unforgettable tour of the Acropolis, the Ancient Roman Market, the Parthenon, Thission and Monastiraki, and also to a private wandering around Poseidon’s Temple next to the beautiful blue sea in Sounio. All these amazing sites are just a fragment of the sites that you can visit in Attica!

You can take the most wonderful stroll in Delphi, the center of the Earth with its world renowned oracle site – a viewing that will take your breath away. You will find that Delphi is truly majestic, and all your questions on its uniqueness will all be answered while at the same time by learning about its ancient and modern history, as the monument attracted a lot of attention during the German occupation of Greece. Adolf Hitler showed a special interest in Delphi due to its geodynamic phenomena and magnetic fields with their massive strength.

Our Greek quest extends to the most southern part of Greece, where the Minoan civilization and lifestyle were born, and remained the masters of the Mediterranean for decades.

Discover the fierce demon-gods Kavirous in the Sao mountain, in Samothraki and take a dive in its healing waters that become more magical and captivating as we move to bigger heights.

On our quest to the North, we must visit historical Vergina, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the century; a discovery that helped reshape history known until then.

Private sightseeing tours in Greece

Will also take you to the Epidaurus Theatre so you can experience its one of a kind acoustics – acoustics that is still to this date being examined. The physics of acoustics were discovered by the Ancient Greeks, and with the passing of time became the source of modern stereophony. Epidaurus ignited those studies and experiencing this wonder is something that will stay with you forever.

Greece has an abundance of naturally beautiful and majestic sites, and is also the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Ancient Olympia is the place where the Olympic flame is lit at the beginning of the Olympic Games, and is then safely transported to the organizing country. Come feel the energy of the place where Ancient Greeks stood and trained, and let the aura of Olympia take hold of your senses.

Private Archaeological sightseeing tours in Greece can truly change the way you perceive things around you, by offering you an experience that goes beyond acquiring information and simply socializing. Become a part of the Ancient Greek civilization by going back to those glorious times, let your heart, mind and senses free to travel in time, and prepare yourselves for the experience of a lifetime.

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