Athens Express S.A. is a travel agency in Greece with long history and experience in arranging unique custom made experiences to satisfy all tastes. Established in 1946, it is one of the oldest tour agencies in Greece with a wide network of partners that are there to fulfill your every need. Our network spreads throughout the world and is guaranteed to provide you with premium services that will leave you with a wonderful memory. We continue growing our partnerships as our sole goal remains the satisfaction of each particular request we receive from you.

We are a travel agency in Greece that offers you a fully developed and user friendly online reservation and booking system in order to make your pre-travel experience as easy and smooth as possible. This system will give you the chance to review all our services and choose the one that mostly fits your needs. In case you have extra requests, we are always here to discuss with you and make sure that we accommodate your needs in the optimum manner while making sure that you get even more than you pay for.

Athens Express travel agency services

Offer a wide variety of services to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the choices that we give you are:

Social and cultural leisure gatherings management in Greece

If you are looking to plan an unforgettable event, no matter how big or small, you need to look no further. Our long experience in planning all types of events in beautiful parts around Greece, ranging from cultural events to music concerts and birthday celebrations, ensures that you will be given a variety of choices and incomparable services.

Tailor-made arrangements and customized itineraries especially designed for clients in Greece

This service has been created in order to ensure that you can enjoy the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to any part of Greece that you wish. We offer you a wide range of packages that you can choose from and adapt to your needs. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will arrange everything for you, from your transportation and accommodation to your social outings.

Island Honeymoon in Greece

Your wedding and honeymoon are very special days that you will want to remember with sweet nostalgia. We are the travel agency in Greece that will go to all lengths in order to make these moments truly unforgettable for all the right reasons. Just describe your dream to us and we will make all the necessary arrangements that will turn it into a reality.

Cruise and Tour Combo in Greece

A unique chance to visit multiple magical locations in a single holiday! Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian Islands and Sporades are just a few of the island clusters you can visit if you trust Athens Express travel agency with your arrangements. Visit clear sandy beaches and archaeological sites of enormous historical importance, see breathtaking views, taste amazing local cuisine and meet friendly locals in the journey of a lifetime!

Private Archaeological sightseeing tours in Greece

Do not miss the chance to take a journey back in time by visit Greek archaeological sites that are part of the history that changed the way the world thinks even to this day! Your very personal travel guide will take you on unforgettable tours to the Acropolis, the Ancient Roman Market and the Parthenon and even to the famous Delphi site and Poseidon’s Temple that sits next to the beautiful blue Greek sea in Sounio.

Trust Athens Express travel agency to provide you not only with professional services, but also with truly unforgettable moments that will leave you happy and relaxed.