Travel Agency in Greece 


Athens Express is at the forefront of Greek travel agencies, being one of the oldest in operation. Over 7 decades, we have provided happy travel experiences for hundreds of thousands of visitors, across 5 continents. 

We provide premium travel services, which is why we keep on adding to our already extensive list of repeat clients. From hotels to tours and excursions, we make sure that the highest standard of service is upheld, and we do that through a meticulous inspection of every venue, hotel & transport service.

No matter what your preference is, be it a private archaeological tour or a romantic Greek island cruise in the Aegean, Athens Express has a breadth of packages, custom made to each client’s liking, that caters to all desires. Our team of expert travel consultants is at hand to guide you through the intricacies of Greek travel and help you find the ideal holiday. 

The Athens Express team is made up of young professionals with a zest for travel, as well as a cadre of expert consultants with an accumulated wealth of experience that is vital to any successful endeavour. We are passionate about travel, and showcasing the new and modern Greece to visitors who want to learn more about this historic country and enjoy the freedom that it's known for. Read our Travel Blog and find out more about famous Greek islands, or remote, off the beaten track destinations. 


Cruise, Excursions & Tours


Visiting Neighboring Counties on a Cruise


If you wish to discover Greece and its neighbouring countries as part of a cruise, we have a number of packages that combine several destinations.

For visitors who wish to immerse in religion, we have packages that retrace the footsteps of St. Paul, from Israel all the way to Greece. Similarly, we have packages that cater to the breezy, cosmopolitan crowd, as well as the athletic, musical and laid back contingents.

Athens Express is at the forefront of travel developments. As one of the oldest and most trusted travel agencies in Greece, it has the necessary expertise and know-how to deal with all type of requests, whether it be booking flights, or renting luxury villas and yachts



Our range of Services have been created based on our long experience at the forefront of luxury DMC travel services & with accurate, local knowledge of Greece. They are designed to encompass all your travel needs you may have while visiting Greece & the Mediterranean but can also be customised depending on your preference. 





At Athens Express we place a great deal of emphasis on creating travel itineraries and packages that are varied. We run Quality Assurance on every program, and inspect every hotel ourselves, to ensure that the visitor is satisfied. 

All of our packages are curated meticulously and with great care. With that in mind, we invite you to peruse our flip-book of our complete catalogue of itineraries available, by contacting our sales team here