If you’re on the fence about holidays in Athens this summer, let us dispel those doubts with a clear message: it is affordable, incredible and easy to get to. See? There’s no excuse.  So, if you’re up for awesome food, amazing natural landscapes and some of the friendliest people on earth, buy the ticket, and take the ride. Prepare for a holiday that will be etched in your mind forever.

Awesome Beaches

So, what are we talking about? Let’s start with the most obvious – the beaches. Sure, Greece has some incredible history and plenty of monuments to gawk at, but the bottom line is that the epicurean ethos of free and carefree holidays revolves around the holy triptych of sun, sea and sand. And in a country with the longest coastline in Europe you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Holidays in Athens can be superb, when you know where to look for.

In the southern suburbs you have the 14km of the Athenian Riviera, which stops at the paradisiacal Cape Sounion. That’s 14km of uninterrupted shore, where beaches vary from humble public beaches, beach bars, upscale bolt holes and rocky outcrops where you can dive right into the big blue. Take your pick. There’s Kavouri, Yiampanaki, Astir Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Limanakia, as well as Vari and Alimos.

Head to the other direction, towards Marathon, and the colossal Schinias beach, weighing in at a hefty 3km. This is one continuous stretch of fluffy sand, fringed by a motley crew of pine and fir trees – ideal for shade.

Tasty & Healthy Food

Then, you have awesome food.  You’ve seen the snaps online, and maybe you’ve tried some ersatz variations back home, but the reality of fresh ingredients devoid of nasty little surprises will hit you like a heat wave. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, delicious fish, and meats that aren’t over saturated with trans fats. The Greek salad is also something that will surprise you. Eaten in Greece, it is a completely different proposition.

But it’s not just the food per se. It’s the culture around food. You get to sit around big tables in family run tavernas where the fare is good, decently priced, and what’s more, you don’t need to hurry to make room for the next paying customers. You can enjoy your holidays in Athens without getting harried. There is also no need to bust out the calculators to work out tips, gratuities or any other service fees. What you see is what you pay. And at the end, you also get a free dessert, or a shot of liquor to wash the food off.

As far as natural landscapes go, Athens is surrounded by mountains, some of which are ideal for trekking and hiking. Parnitha is one of the best ones for that. It has a couple of refuges, loads of wild nature and hiking trails, as well as a funicular that takes you up top. Then, you have places like Penteli and Immitos, both of which have some incredible features. In Penteli, head to the waterfalls of Valanaris for a quick dip in one of Athens’s best kept secrets. A couple of pools of iced cold water await you in the searing summer months, so grab a ride and head over there.

Holidays in Athens: Grab a Slice of The Real Thing

Holidays in Athens are filled with all sorts of exciting and new things, and that’s before you even get to the ruins, monuments and all the crazy nightlife. Athens pulses with a chaotic energy and a zest for life that is unmatched. Get on it!

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