9 Day tour includes Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Athens, Mykonos & Santorini Tour

Discover our 9 day Athens, Mykonos & Santorini Itinerary package and explore two of the most famous Cycladic islands, along with the historic sites of Athens. Read our travel teams Blog post about their own experience with the Aegean Jewels packet to get more info on the must-do activities while in each location.


Athens is a historic capital & one of the most culturally rich cities of Europe. It boasts great museums,like the Museum of Cycladic Art & the New Acropolis Museum, a lively nightlife and charming seaside suburbs like Glyfada. Explore the tree lined streets of Plaka, visit the Acropolis, and the rest of the ruins to immerse yourself in Ancient Greek history. There are also many theatres & festivals, as well as events happening in Stavros Niarchos & Onassis Cultural Foundations, while the National Concert Hall is a must see. 


In Mykonos, explore the intricate narrow cobblestone streets of Chora, brimming with luxury brands and iconic scenery.Take a minute to enjoy the unique and iconic Cycladic architecture which adorns the traditional houses, and stop at little Venice for some people watching with a cocktail in hand. If you want to experience awesome beaches head to Paradise & Super Paradise beaches to get amped on club music in the beach bars. This island is known for its lively nightlife so indulge yourself in its nocturnal revelry. 


In Santorini, visit the Caldera with its breathtaking views while enjoying a cocktail on one of the iconic cliffside verandas. The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri is a must see as it tells the history of the island. Meanwhile, try taking a boat tour around the island to check out the thermal springs as well as the singular Red &  White beaches. Don’t miss out on incredible wine tasting tours, sampling Malagouzia and Assyrtiko grape varieties at sunset!

Type of Experience: Island Hopping

Locations: Athens | Mykonos | Santorini

Duration: 9 Days

Validity: Summer (April - October)


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