Lesvos: Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Destination!

Get your wallets out, gents, it’s that time of the year again! No, it’s not your anniversary, put your calendar away. It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s St. Valentine’s day, and we here couldn’t be happier! No, really! For loved-up couples looking to live some moments of pure, unbridled passion,… View Article

Hiking in Athens’ Parnitha Mountain

Athens gets a lot of credit for the man made stuff. And rightfully so. All those temples and grand structures are a measure of man’s excellence, serving as a beacon for humanity even today. Amidst the cascading waves of modernity, Athens still retains that elusive jai ne se quoi, almost effortlessly. But few, if any,… View Article

Foodie Heaven: Eating Your Way Through Greece

Greece has been around for ages. So it’s no surprise that they’ve mastered eating. All those extra millennia gotta count for something, right? Factor in the indelible influences other cultures have brought in and it becomes evident that this part of the world could very well have been the setting for Hansel and Grettel. Or… View Article

Kalavryta: Naturally Mythical

It’s turning out to be quite the year for winter lovers. This year’s ‘darkest winter’ is a blessing for all the snow aficionados. Across Europe, the snow has come in thick and fast, at times a little too thick. Even the northerners are overwhelmed (!). The 1%ers at Davos this year will have to wear… View Article

Romantic Monemvasia

Monemvasia is nothing if not romantic. It could upend Santorini in a heartbeat. Nafplio? Wouldn’t even get a look in. Hydra? Eat my dust. The first question on anyone’s mind upon visiting is how is this gem still unspoilt, followed by why is this place not on a Game of Thrones episode. The answer to… View Article

Metsovo: A Quintessential Greek Experience

With the Christmas holidays over and done with and a new year looming ahead of us, it is imperative to start anew with a fresh outlook on life. New Years resolutions are hanging by a thread, and if its anything to go by, we’re pretty sure they mostly include several iterations of the weight loss… View Article

A Winter Adventure in Crete

The mythical land of the Minoans-the first European civilization-is full of allure and mysticism. Everything about it screams authenticity and faded glory. The island’s history is as complex as it is long; in its 4,000 years of continuous habitation it has seen numerous languages and customs. From the original dwellers of the island, to the… View Article

Pisoderi Ski Center: Greece’s Best Kept Secret

As winter encroaches on our sun time and the list of entertainment options dwindle, some things stay the same. The birds keep chirping, the flowers grow and on this remote corner of Greece’s northwest, life blooms as surely as the snow is white. And that is exactly what Pisoderi is all about. You’re unlikely to… View Article

The Taygetos Mountain Experience

Not many people know it but the Peloponesse is a year round destination. Look past the sandy beaches and picturesque fortresses, and even further past that enormous Greek salad in front of you. You’ll be rewarded with a slice of unsullied paradise. In between heaven and those orange and olive groves lies the Taygetos mountain… View Article

Tzoumerka: A Secret Mountain Oasis

Tzoumerka might just be Greece’s best kept secret. So much so in fact, that the majority of Greeks don’t know it themselves. Which is a good sign. At least for those looking for an authentic experience through and through. With people searching for the most authentic experience, one would safely say that Tzoumerka fits the… View Article