Exceptional Skyros

The largest of the Sporades islands; Skyros is a isle of two faces. The north part of the island is as you’d expect a Sporades island to be: covered in green, with nice architecture, and a happy go lucky night life. The south side is wilder, rockier, inaccessible, but also beautiful in its own way…. View Article

Scenic Sporades

The Sporades are a little cluster of islands that sit pretty on the edge of Greece’s second biggest island, Evoia. Covered in lush pine trees and a verdurous, leafy canopy, the Sporades are a green paradise with spectacular beaches (as if they wouldn’t be), delicious culinary treats and a suitably diverse lifestyle to match most tastes…. View Article
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The Extraordinary Culinary Delights of Crete

Crete may be a part of Greece, as much as Greece is a part of Crete. So much of what makes Greece what it is comes from this sun flecked island on the southern end of the Aegean. The Minoan culture, the tales of the Minotaur and the fierce character of the Cretans along the… View Article
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9 Reasons to Visit the Unknown Cyclades

 Milos, Folegandros, Sifnos & Andros   Beaches If you like beaches (odds are that you probably do), you will LOVE the lesser known Cycladic island set up. Milos in particular offers some of the most diverse and spectacular beaches in Greece. The iconic Sarakiniko in Milos is a volcanic moonscape with white molten rock etched… View Article
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Adriatic Delight

Right above the Ionian Sea lies a jewel often overlooked. Savvy travelers will tell you that the Adriatic Sea is a perfect destination that combines most of the desirable elements of a top notch vacation with extremely reasonable prices. What’s more, the relative obscurity of the Adriatic means you’re likelier to avoid big crowds and… View Article

The Magic of Zakynthos

  The Greek islands are all great. Not all are the same, but they have a singular uniformity in regard to their Dionysian energy. Similarities do exist, but they aren’t exactly identikit semi-detached houses in Regis. And even if the white washed houses of the Aegean give you the sense that they are identical, they… View Article
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The Top 5 Greek Island Honeymoon Destinations

Greece is nothing if not romantic. The Dionysian energy and the bright Mediterranean light add an element of spirituality to the already spectacular natural beauty. The simplicity of island life and the charming architecture are an ideal backdrop to any event, but the Greek lifestyle and outlook are the real deal clinchers. The cost/value ratio… View Article
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The Spetsathlon!

Spring time is that special time of the year where one starts waking up from the winter lethargy and the pheromones in the air start doing their thing. Spring time is also that time of the year when you dust of your training kit and begin working out to be ready for the summer season…. View Article
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Easter Traditions in Greece

Easter in Greece is a special affair. It’s more important than Christmas, by far, and holds a special place in the heart of Greeks. It is imbued with an extra layer of spirituality and acceptance and there is definitely a more robust observance amongst even the younger Greeks. Starting on ‘Clean Monday’, the period of… View Article

Easter Pot Throwing in Corfu

Orthodox Easter is creeping up on us, and with it, our excitement is growing at the prospect of tasting some of that awesome magiritsa once again. The soup made out of lamb entrails, rice and lemon and egg is an absolute showstopper (or it may just be me and my prejudiced palate) round these dates…. View Article