Fantastic Folegandros

Rising up in the background, the village of Hora cascades down the slopes of Folegandros’s highest point; a rocky, barren hilltop with a church (of course) on top. Making your way off the ferry you’ll immediately notice the time capsule tint that Folegandros exists in; almost like a postcard from a not too long ago… View Article

The Splendor of Greece & Croatia

The Balkans are a melting pot of cultures and religions that have shaped the history of Europe. They are the meeting point of east and west. Sitting at the crossroads of 3 continents, Greece is the definitive Mediterranean melting pot of people and ideas. Through the centuries, this corner of the world has seen some… View Article

Superb Sifnos

This summer, the action in the Greek islands is in flux. Traditional destinations like Mykonos and Santorini have seen a massive spike in visitors, while other islands are still being discovered and brought to our attention. This is all good news for the traveler, as it opens up a new set of options and possibilities…. View Article

The Beauty of Greece & Italy

The Mediterranean is a special place. There is no place in the world that can match its range of things to do and see. None. And how could there be? The genesis of our world is located in this corner of the planet. And the two biggest names? The Greeks and Romans, of course. Our… View Article
milos 02 copy

3 Good Reasons to visit Milos

Like most Greek islands, Milos offers a glimpse into a simpler life, away from the excesses of the modern world. The order of the day includes quaint mountain villages, stunning beaches and an unassailable sense of serenity. It does exactly what it says on the tin. No questions asked. Milo’s late entry into the game… View Article

Weddings in Greece

They say that Rome is the city of romance. That may be so, but anyone who’s been to Greece can confirm that statement to be only half true. Because Greece has brought together so many couples under its sun, that it can be argued that a fair share of Europe’s population has been conceived because… View Article

Athens is the new Athens

Nothing beats a holiday in Greece. The abundance of things to do and see, the nightlife, the food and the intangible qualities of Greek life are an immediate draw for anyone looking to spend time blissfully basking under the sun. Naturally the Greek islands garner most of the attention, and rightfully so. However, a quiet… View Article

Beaches in Athens

When it comes to city breaks, few cities can match the diversity of Athens. And it’s not just limited to world famous landmarks, culinary delights and nightlife, of which Athens has in abundance. Athens is so much more than that. Look past the Acropolis, Mt. Lycabettus and the temple of Zeus and you will be… View Article

Exceptional Skyros

The largest of the Sporades islands; Skyros is a isle of two faces. The north part of the island is as you’d expect a Sporades island to be: covered in green, with nice architecture, and a happy go lucky night life. The south side is wilder, rockier, inaccessible, but also beautiful in its own way…. View Article

Scenic Sporades

The Sporades are a little cluster of islands that sit pretty on the edge of Greece’s second biggest island, Evoia. Covered in lush pine trees and a verdurous, leafy canopy, the Sporades are a green paradise with spectacular beaches (as if they wouldn’t be), delicious culinary treats and a suitably diverse lifestyle to match most tastes…. View Article