Magic In The Cyclades

The Cycladic island complex is by far the most famous of the Greek islands. The white washed cubist houses have become as iconic as the Parthenon. And that’s saying something in a country whose long lasting legacy as the cradle of western civilization is embodied by the glory of the Sacred Rock. Having arrived in… View Article

New Hotels in Greece

Greece is undergoing a boom at the moment. From last year’s art bonanza extravagance and continuing with Greece’s fabled summer vibe, Greece is getting its groove back. And how. The great driving force of the Greek economy is back. All around the country new destinations are developing. From the traditional Mykonos and Santorini to the… View Article

Antiparos: Simplicity & Bliss

Just a half hour away from Paros, lies its little sister, Antiparos; one of the loveliest Greek islands in the Cyclades. And it is as beautiful as it is tranquil. With its signature arid landscape and trademark cubist house style, Antiparos is what dreams are made of. It doesn’t hurt that celebrities and the super-rich… View Article

Honeymoon In Folegandros

Greece, they say, awakens the senses. The bright light, the island life and the visceral joy of simple pleasures make for unforgettable holidays. The epitome of a laisses-fair lifestyle and a cavalier attitude towards life itself is manifested in the quintessential ‘ef-zin’ (Ευ ζην) and ‘evdaimonia’ (ευδαιμονια) that ancient Greeks harped on about. It’s what… View Article

Going to Ios: Epic Fun!

When in Greece, do as the Greeks would do (no, you still have to pay taxes); live each day as if it was your last, bring joy to yourself and to others and if you have any sense whatsoever, get yourself to Ios, asap. The last vestiges of authenticity are to be found here, in… View Article

1 Day Cruise: The Saronic Islands

Athens has tons of things going on at any given time. It also has a lot going for it. What with having the sea at such proximity, it’s almost easy to forget that you’re in a major European capital. A very old European capital at that. So the inevitability of the summer brings forth several… View Article

Serifos: Take a Step Back in Time

Part of the outer Cycladic island complex, Serifos is what a Greek island would’ve looked like in the 80’s; unspoiled, unchartered and unimaginably beautiful. While its cousins Santorini and Mykonos get the lion’s share of the spotlight, Serifos stands pat. It has resisted the luring sirens of (over)modernity and tourist infrastructure. It’s also done little… View Article

Crete: The Ultimate Family Vacation

Being the largest, and arguably the most interesting of Greek islands, Crete is almost like another country. Everything screams bucolic. From the quaint mountain villages to the dusty donkeys riding up the road, you know Crete is as authentic as they come. Sure, tourism plays a part, but people here live their own life, unperturbed… View Article

Ikaria: The Fountain of Youth

For an island as small and as far away from the tourist trail, Ikaria punches well above its weight. Located in the North Aegean cluster of islands, Ikaria is a mythical place. And we’re not talking about the beer, either. The island owes its name to the myth of Icarus. Legend has it that the… View Article

Chios: The Old Man and the Tree

One of the most underrated Greek islands, Chios is nothing if not unique. With a history as diverse as any, it exists on a different realm to the rest. Its close proximity to Turkey means it is invariably singular in its make-up and traditions. The people are fiercely proud of their heritage and are known… View Article