The Authentic Athens Marathon

Greece has exported so much of its thoughts it seems only natural that it would export the marathon. After all, were it not for Phidipide’s mythical 42 kilometer run, democracy would never have flourished and thus, there would be no world as we know it today. So, in a sense, the Athens Marathon holds a… View Article

Golfing in Greece

The ancient Greeks invented the concept of competitive sports. What with the Olympics, the Marathon, heck even the Spartathlon (ok, so maybe that’s a newer addition)… The Greeks were an active lot. There’s no denying it. But we think that Greece might’ve looked different today had golf been an official Olympic sport. It’s not that… View Article

Thessaloniki: Macedonian Elegance

Greece’s second city is brimming with life. Thessaloniki doesn’t just follow Athens. Thessaloniki creates its own rules and paradigms, and yes, Athens sometimes follows. And then the rest of Greece follows. Kind of like how the ubiquitous frappe coffee burst onto the national scene sometime in the 1950’s; a local barista with some time on… View Article

Autumn In Greece

Much like Aristotle professed when proclaiming ‘everything in measure’, Greece does temperance like no other. Greece enjoys all seasons. Some more than others, but make no mistake, Greece isn’t one continuous summer party. Every season has its setting. And because Greece is varied in its geography and territorial morphology, you are as likely to fall… View Article

Mysterious Meteora

Meteora means ‘up in the air’, in Greek. And we don’t think a better name could have been given to this singular oddity. For Meteora is something that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. (ok, maybe in Zhangjiajie, China, but lets not let the truth get in the way of a good story)…. View Article

Value & Luxury in Athens Hotels

Athens is hot. And we’re not talking good weather hot, of which Athens has in spades. After years of things not being quite right, Athens is great again (that’s right, I went there), and it is glorious. Many things have converged to turn things around. Most notably a shift in attitude, and a sense that… View Article

The Opulence of the UAE

If you’re after the intangibles then a trip through the Med is probably what the doctor prescribed. With such variety it can be hard to navigate through the many options available. And sure, the south eastern Med countries are all the rage. And rightfully so. But look closer and you’ll see that the UAE are… View Article

Thesprotia: West Coast Flavour

Like the small hidden gem it is, Thesprotia region in Greece is exactly how you’d expect paradise looks like. It’s lush green canopy, turquoise green waters and rustic architecture stands out amongst Greece’ many unknown quantities. To those who do know, it represents a comforting reassurance that the world is still holding it down. Thesprotia… View Article

Crete: Myth and Beauty in Paradise

With a history as illustrious as Crete’s its easy to dismiss the rest of the island’s attractions. And one would almost be forgiven. For what is Crete if not one of the precursors to the great Hellenistic and Golden Age civilisations? The mighty Minoans were the first structured settlement in Europe. They sort of created… View Article

Halkidiki: Queen of the North

The 3 fingered claw that is Halkidiki, up on the north of Greece is special. It has seen continuous action since at least 300 BC when King Phillip of Macedonia and later his son Alexander the Great ruled the world from the small town of Vergina. It is the undisputed king of the north (winter… View Article