Christmas Holidays in Greece

When thinking of ideal Christmas destinations, Greece, admittedly isn’t one that springs to mind. Greece is associated with endless blue and white sea and sky, summer beach holidays and island retreats. Switch those beaches for ski slopes and the blue and white takes on another meaning. Greece isn’t just the islands. Greece has mountains, lakes,… View Article

The Wonder Winterland of Karpenissi

Karpenissi is not an island (nissi means island in Greek hence the clarification). It is the opposite of an island. It is a mountainous area with white peaked tops, steep ravines and gorges formed by rapids and rivers, and a rugged sense of beauty. Located in central Greece, it is ideally situated for easier access… View Article

Kaimaktsalan: Winter Paradise

The first flakes of snow have arrived! And with them, a new season of winter fun begins in northern Greece. Away from the tourist trail lies a secret unbeknown to most, even in Greece. You may not know about it, and that’s probably good. You’ll score some brownie points with your other half, or you’ll… View Article

Mt. Olympus: A Celestial Ascent

Winter is coming! And we’re not just talking dragons, either! Although, venture high up enough and you may just catch a glimpse of some mythical monster or other (if you do, we’re almost certain that you hallucinated on account of the sparse air). We’re talking Mt Olympus; the mystical home to the 12 deities of… View Article

The Subtle Charm of Nafplion

Greece is a 2 city country. There, we said it. After Athens and Thessaloniki, you won’t find urban settlements of that size anywhere. What you will find is a smattering of small towns and villages that have stood the test of time and held on their traditions and beliefs. They are the rural backbone of… View Article

Arachova: Alpine Grace

Often referred to as the Mykonos of the winter, Arachova is what Gstaad would look like if it were Greek. Perched on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, a mere 2 hours from Athens, the tiny mountain hamlet of Arachova sits pretty. With a ski center in the vicinity and a plethora of traditional food, Arachova… View Article

Museums in Athens

With the highest ratio of museums to people anywhere in the world, Greece is a veritable culture spa. You will leave the country refreshingly up to date on your history. Plus a few pounds heavier, but that’s a different story altogether (damn you tasty loukoumades!). Athens is a living museum and it’s not hyperbole (hey… View Article

The Authentic Athens Marathon

Greece has exported so much of its thoughts it seems only natural that it would export the marathon. After all, were it not for Phidipide’s mythical 42 kilometer run, democracy would never have flourished and thus, there would be no world as we know it today. So, in a sense, the Athens Marathon holds a… View Article

Golfing in Greece

The ancient Greeks invented the concept of competitive sports. What with the Olympics, the Marathon, heck even the Spartathlon (ok, so maybe that’s a newer addition)… The Greeks were an active lot. There’s no denying it. But we think that Greece might’ve looked different today had golf been an official Olympic sport. It’s not that… View Article

Thessaloniki: Macedonian Elegance

Greece’s second city is brimming with life. Thessaloniki doesn’t just follow Athens. Thessaloniki creates its own rules and paradigms, and yes, Athens sometimes follows. And then the rest of Greece follows. Kind of like how the ubiquitous frappe coffee burst onto the national scene sometime in the 1950’s; a local barista with some time on… View Article