Lands of Contrast: Greece & Dubai

Sitting at opposite sides of the spectrum, Greece and Dubai are what dreams are made of. And we mean that literally. Dubai was nothing more than a fishing village not so long ago. Talk about dreaming big. Athens on the other hand seems like a dream lost in a haze, wrapped in a vision. So… View Article

Arcadia: Origins of the Myth

There’s no shortage of beauty in Greece. Blue and white sugar cube houses in the Cyclades, Venetian cobble stone streets with medieval castles in the Ionian, and pretty temples and churches on the most improbable of places; that’s Greece, and then some. Apart from the architecture, which we assure you is pretty damn spectacular, Greece… View Article

Lake Plastiras: Paradise in Thessaly

Greece is a land that is all about the natural wonders and the visceral experiences. So, for most people it would appear strange to know that one of Greece’s most picturesque spots (and soon to be not so secret) was forged by man rather than nature. That man was General Nikolaos Plastiras. And in 1960… View Article

Andros On Foot: Walk the Trail

The last hurrah of the summer always marks the ending of the holidays. For some, that time comes as soon as August. For others (the lucky ones), that may be pushed back for a few months or indefinitely (if that’s you, well done). In Greece the high season lasts for as long as the weather… View Article

Tour Along South East Europe: Greece & Turkey

A trip to South East Europe is something like a pilgrimage, or a rite of passage for many. In the past, these grand tours were reserved for aristocrats and nobility. Back then, travelling meant doing a fair bit of legwork, and the train didn’t always arrive in time. Or at all. Travelling to this part… View Article

Volos: A True Slice Of Greece

When the autumn leafs start falling, you know it’s time to indulge in a different type of activity altogether. The Danes call it ‘hygge’, the Norwegians ‘koselig’, while the Scots refer to that as Còsagach. In Greece people carry on as they did. Only this time they gather around the family table inside, prefereably with… View Article

Autumn In The Peloponnese

Finding that piece of pureness and authenticity has become the raison d’être du jour for many. Greece is one of the last bastions of that elusive authentic lifestyle. Some of that can be experienced in one of the many islands (the ones without airport, mind). However, venture out the beaten path and out into the… View Article

Paxos & Antipaxos: Ionian Tranquility

When thinking of Greece, the most enduring images are that of the Parthenon and the white cubed houses with blue doors, with the Shipwreck beach not far behind. But Greece is so much more, and while we simply adore the Cyclades, the Ionian islands are in a league of their own. Heavy rain and Italian… View Article

Exploring the Mountain: Litochoro & Zagorochoria

The best things in life are free. In Greece, it almost feels like you’re stealing. Because surely, there’s no way that such beauty can be so accessible and amenable. Or can it? Mykonos and Santorini may be out of this discussion, but bear in mind that Greece has tons other islands and a bunch of… View Article

Magic In The Cyclades

The Cycladic island complex is by far the most famous of the Greek islands. The white washed cubist houses have become as iconic as the Parthenon. And that’s saying something in a country whose long lasting legacy as the cradle of western civilization is embodied by the glory of the Sacred Rock. Having arrived in… View Article