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Halkidiki: Queen of the North

The 3 fingered claw that is Halkidiki, up on the north of Greece is special. It has seen continuous action since at least 300 BC when King Phillip of Macedonia and later his son Alexander the Great ruled the world from the small town of Vergina. It is the undisputed king of the north (winter… View Article

Majestic Peloponnese

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about the Peloponnese: it’s technically an island ever since the French managed to finish Emperor Nero’s pet project, several centuries later. So yeah, move aside Crete, there’s a new sheriff in town. Sacrilegious (!), I hear some exclaim. Well, not so much. The Peloponnese is Crete’s equal when it comes… View Article
Syros isand, Greece

The Singularly Spectacular Syros

Syros is not like other Greek islands. Syros experienced the Renaissance (Yup). Which is pretty remarkable considering the amount of turmoil Greece has had to live with. So what happens when an island goes through such profound changes? Well, for one it becomes the administrative center of the Cycladic island complex; all the amazing architecture… View Article

Naturally Andros!

Some things are just too nice to share. Just like that last biscuit on the tin, the Greeks are not about to give Andros away to the highest bidder. Luckily for them, the Andriots are the highest bidder. As it turns out, Andros is another one of those islands reserved only for Greeks (like Aegina… View Article
Naxos is famous for the incomplete temple that couldn't been finished many hundret years ago. We struggled through the city, took great pictures during sunset at the temple and enjoyed the Chora.

The Deliciously Awesome Naxos

You know you’re doing something right when Anthony-I’m so cool when I sleep sheep count me-Bourdain decides to do a piece on you. Or your island. And that is exactly what happened with Naxos. Because Naxos is a slice of fried gold stuffed with cheese diamonds and glazed with olive oil silver. The agricultural produce,… View Article

The Undiscovered Beauties of the Eastern Med

As more and more of the hidden gems of Europe get discovered, it gets increasingly difficult to find an authentic piece of heaven. But fear not. There are still slivers of it around. You just have to look harder. The wait is worth it. And in the Mediterranean, one doesn’t have to look too hard…. View Article

5 Reasons to Visit Paros

Often referred to as Mykonos-lite, Paros island is something of a mystery. Its gone through good times and bad, and not just lately. The island has a deep history that stretches back to the neo lithic times. Once a great trading hub, with booming marble exports (Venus of Milo? Parian marble) it inevitably declined, until… View Article

Greece & Dubai: A Bridge between Past and Future

The Mediterranean basin is rich in history. Which means its rich in culture. Which usually means a couple things: A: good food, and B: good people. By and large, this holds true. Anyone who knows a thing or two about this corner of the world can easily testify to its magnetic draw. People who visit,… View Article

Fantastic Folegandros

Rising up in the background, the village of Hora cascades down the slopes of Folegandros’s highest point; a rocky, barren hilltop with a church (of course) on top. Making your way off the ferry you’ll immediately notice the time capsule tint that Folegandros exists in; almost like a postcard from a not too long ago… View Article

The Splendor of Greece & Croatia

The Balkans are a melting pot of cultures and religions that have shaped the history of Europe. They are the meeting point of east and west. Sitting at the crossroads of 3 continents, Greece is the definitive Mediterranean melting pot of people and ideas. Through the centuries, this corner of the world has seen some… View Article