Greece Lands Top Spot in Cruise Awards Ceremony

With more than 3,000 islands (220 of which are inhabited), one could easily argue that Greece is an ideal cruise destination. And one would be right. Well, the official seal of approval has now been awarded, rubberstamped and notarized. The Wave awards (the top prizes for cruises worldwide) have certified Greece as the top spot… View Article

Rendezvouz With Kalamata

Kalamata is famous for 2 reasons: the olives, and the Kalamatiano traditional dance (Kalamata was also known for its cannabis cultivation, both industrial and recreational). Now, one can argue that reputations have been built on much less. But have you tried Kalamata olives? They’re really good. HISTORY & ARCHITECTURE The fact of the matter is… View Article

Athenian Spring: A New Dawn

Greece may be a 4 seasons kind of country, but let’s face it, we’re all living for the summer. And the summer begins now. The first rays, the blooming flowers and the pheromones dancing in the air turn a collective frown upside down. And we’re not exaggerating, either. Spring in Greece may just be as… View Article

Tinos: Coming Home

Greece before the summer resembles a home coming dance. This year (or was it last year? It’s hard to keep track of all the jocks) the home coming king is Tinos. And frankly, we’re surprised it’s taken that long for people to take notice. After all, it’s only a boat stop away from Mykonos, a… View Article

Explore Greece with it’s Premier Destination Management Company

Greece is paradise on earth. The benefits of living here are countless (we’ll just gloss over the disadvantages). From healthier living to meaningful connections, there is nothing that compares. Its diverse morphology is something that most people fail to grasp. Greece isn’t just the islands. Greece is mountains, lakes, wetlands, gorges, rivers and one of… View Article

Patra Carnival: Get Your Groove on Like Dionysus

Celebrations are never too far away in Greece at any moment in time. Given half a chance Greeks will celebrate just about anything. It’s part of the DNA. Heck, one of the twelve Gods was Dionysus; the god of wine and merriment; it’s the reason people around the world celebrate carnival, or Apokries as they’re… View Article

Easter in Syros: A Tale of Two Churches

In these turbulent times we live in, we can always do with more feel good stories. How about two religions happily co-existing side by side? That’s what you get when you visit Syros, the administrative center of the Cyclades, also known as the Pope’s island. Back in the day, Syros was part of the Venetian… View Article

Hydra: Timeless Romance

There’s something about Hydra (pronounces Ee-drah) that lends itself to romance. And in Greece, that’s saying something. With the long shadow cast by Santorini and its lesser known but equally beguiling cousins Milos and, well just about any Greek island, really, it’s often overlooked. And folks, it really shouldn’t. I mean, all those billionaires waltzing… View Article

Drama: Nothing But Joy

Continuing with our Northern Greece destinations revelations, it’s on to Drama. This hidden gem (soon to be not hidden at all) of a town is all that and a bag of chips. Situated not too far from the Bulgarian border and flanked by the impressive mountain Falakros, Drama does Drama and you know what? Drama… View Article

Xanthi: Celebrating Diversity

The town of Xanthi, up in the north of Greece may just be one of Greece’s best kept secrets. It seems fitting that the town’s history in many ways mirrors the current narrative surrounding the country as a whole. And that’s because Xanthi offers the most readily available blueprint for the cohabitation of different ethnic… View Article