Greece is a purveyor of seemingly endless cultural and recreational endeavors. With over 12,000 kilometers of sea shores, 12 skiing centers, tens of Unesco world heritage sites and national parks, it’s easy to acquiesce to its charm. It’s worth noting that the infrastructure is robust up and down the country with venues ranging from the historic to the ultramodern. Additionally, the human capital is second to none, with Greeks mastering more than 3 languages on average and a high degree of competency. This abundance of activities and sights can easily be integrated into your own agendas seamlessly as part of your program.

Athens Express, through 7 decades of experience can help you organize your convention, corporate training program, congress, team building trip and just about any large scale meeting with management and oversight of the highest order. As a top shelf outfit we guarantee top results.

We provide expert strategic planning and furnish our clients with the best possible arrangements in regard to locations. Greece may be small but the range of MICE facilities in and around the Greek islands and the mainland are extensive, hence the need for professional advice is fundamental.

Our vast experience allows us to navigate the intricacies of the Greek landscape with ease and flexibility, thus providing the end client with superior services.