Extensions to Israel, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, Croatia, Dubai, Cyprus and Albania

As the demand for international destinations has been rising, we created a new service, Extensions to Israel – Turkey – Italy – Spain – France in order to make sure that we can accommodate all your needs in the most efficient and economical manner.

By taking advantage of our very wide network of partners, we have the ability to take you to some of the most popular destinations in the world, while ensuring that you have a wonderful travelling experience. You can visit beautiful places such as Eastern Turkey, Israel with its historical sites, Italy with its Roman artefacts and colorful culture, Spain with its strong Mediterranean temperament and authentic cuisine, and cosmopolitan France with its finesse and famous wines.

We have developed the most advantageous solutions just to fit your needs, and we offer them together with a guarantee that our main goal is your comfort and the satisfaction of your requirements. Value for money acquires a whole new meaning with the packages that we have in store for you.

There are multiple daily flights that connect the most beautiful Mediterranean countries in the fastest and easiest possible way. Should you wish, we can also arrange transportation between many different destinations; just tell us what your dream plan is and we will make it happen!

Istanbul Turkey

Visit the setting of the famous story “A Thousand and One Nights” along with the scents of the shisha in the back streets of Istanbul, taste a baklava with its four hundred layers, fresh walnuts and butter and visit the Aghia Sofia church which was built during the Byzantine Empire. Let the aura of this historical city surround you while standing before one of the world’s most important monuments.

Paris France

Taste a fresh butter croissant in Pompidou Gallery, and admire the Eiffel Tower from several vantage points in the city of Paris. Visit the illustrious Louvre museum and set your eyes on some of the most priceless treasures that the world has ever seen. Before you leave, do not miss out on a visit to Paris’s famous cabarets or a visit to the European Disneyland and remember what it felt like to be a child.

Madrid Spain

Travel to the country where the bullfights were born, and watch a breathtaking and passionate Flamenco show by the absolute experts of their kind, guaranteed to leave you overwhelmed with admiration. Admire the exotic beauty of the Canary Islands and party in Ibiza until the morning hours.

Venice Italy

And do not forget to make a stop in the country of Mediterranean flavors and Latin lovers! Leave a tear in the bridge of sighs in fairy tale like Venice and let it take all your sorrows away. The most romantic city of the Mediterranean is there for you to discover it by taking long strolls or relaxing in a beautiful gondola. An experience you’ll treasure so much that you’ll definitely wish to repeat it in the future.

Of course, do not leave out a visit to Rome’s historical center, where you can stand in the imposing Colosseum. And if you want to see something truly unique, visit Pisa and its leaning tower; climb up the leaning stairs and see the world from a completely different perspective.

Last but not least, you can visit the beautiful Jerusalem, exotic Haifa and the holy sites of the ancient city. A truly special place with a unique aura that you will never forget.

Extensions to Israel – Turkey – Italy – Spain – France has been created to ensure that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime, no matter what destination you choose. Each one with its own character and history will give you many beautiful memories and make you want to go back. Contact us, and we will make sure you have the time of your life!

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