The Greek islands are many, and they all have a variety of majestic experiences to offer you; breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, amazing nightlife and relaxing strolls in traditional backstreets, excellent cuisine and welcoming locals. What better than to complete this experience by renting a luxurious yacht that will take you around several locations?

Athens Express SA will give you a variety of options when it comes to choosing your ideal transportation. Choose the one you want and discover the beauty of Greece in style while enjoying unforgettable moments with your friends or family.

Yacht Rental in Greece

Our fleet is large and spans from small sailing boats that can accommodate 8-10 people, to 250 metre-long luxurious yachts that will amaze you with their comfort and unique character.

Choosing the right captain for you is one of our main priorities. Some of the best qualified professionals in the field are at your services, in order to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your holiday. This way, you can sit back and enjoy each moment without worrying about the details.

The cruises that we will arrange for you will be custom-made to fit your particular needs and demands. Our detailed planning and vast experience guarantee that any issues that may arise will be addressed in advance, so that you will have the journey of your dreams.

Luxury yacht charter

The variety of the Greek islands and their geological shapes offer you the unique opportunity to view sights that you never imagined existed. Plenty of harbors are there to welcome your boat or yacht, so you can visit each island and see the beauties that it has to offer from a different point of view.

It is a fact that only 40% of the Greek beaches are accessible to the public by land. The rest of the beaches are hidden in remote locations, accessible only by sea this is perfect for sailing in Greece and visiting these remote and private beaches. This characteristic has helped them in preserving their amazing natural beauty and clear waters, and you will have the chance to visit them and take a swim in those virgin locations. Should you wish, you can also take a dive in the deep blue Aegean and Ionian Sea and discover all the secrets that hide in the bottom of the sea.

And it does not stop here, as you can also enjoy all the water sports you can imagine. If you feel adventurous and love extreme sports, you can rent your very own jet ski and let the feeling of absolute freedom surround you while riding through the Aegean.

Rent a yacht sailing the Greek islands

For the ones that feel more romantic, the “Beach of love” that is situated in the narrow passage between Cephalonia and Ithaca is highly recommended. Also accessible only by boat, the small beach with its white rocks and blue green waters that turn crystal clear as you approach the beach will take your breath away. Even though the depth is four meters long, you will be able to distinguish clearly all the details at the bottom of the sea. Such beauty is hard to put in words, so do not miss the opportunity to view it with your own eyes and create a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Sail in the beautiful Greek blue seas while enjoying the flexibility that only a boat or yacht can offer you. Our professional staff ranges from captains to divers, and they will all make sure that you will enjoy all the experiences that you have dreamt of.

Yacht rental in Greece will make all the arrangements you need in order to ensure that your stay in Greece is more than pleasant. Contact us with your request; leave all the rest to us and you are guaranteed to have the holiday of a lifetime!

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