Tour Operators in Greece 


Athens Express has been in continuous operation since 1946. In that time, it has expanded to include markets from all over the world into its clientele, and forged new cooperations with agencies and providers that allows us to maintain our standard and improve operations. 

We craft new programs and itineraries, to meet the demands of our clients and create new bonds with parts of Greece that aren’t immediately on the tourist trail. Our packages are customizable and tailored around the needs and wants of each individual client, while our team is constantly scouring the landscape for more and interesting tours and activities that showcase the vastness of Greek history. 

If you’re interested in finding new and exciting tours around this magical land, Athens Express has the knowledge and expertise to make that reality. If on the other hand, you’re after the tried and tested trifecta of sea, sun and sand, you’ll find a plethora of packages that are aimed at that, too.

We operate our itineraries to the highest possible standard, with a dedicated team of travel consultants that have the necessary knowledge to steer you in the right direction. Our Travel Blog ( is a great way to find out more about the destinations that you’re interested in visiting, whether it's hiking up Mt. Olympus, or lounging poolside in one of the many Greek islands. 


Luxury Services


Mainland Greece Excursions & Island Cruises

Greece is full of antiquities, as well as a natural landscape that varies from mountainous to seaside, without missing a beat. The new and modern elements blend seamlessly, making Greece one of the most interesting destinations worldwide. 

With over 10 skiing centres across the country and the biggest coastline in Europe, you’ll find tours, excursions and Island Cruises to virtually all corners of the country.

Book your Tour, Cruise or Excursion in Greece, with one of the leading Tour Operators in the country.

Athens Express is an industry leader, with over 7 decades of travel expertise, ensuring that whichever tours and cruises you choose will be memorable. 


Private Tours & Excursions

Athens Express can deliver a range of private tours around Greece, with knowledgeable guides and tour leaders who make sure that every myth and legend is told. Our Private Tours are specifically aimed at discerning travellers who want to immerse in the local culture. 



All of the packages that Athens Express has are designed to get the most out of your Greek holiday. They have been curated through our passion for showing the beauty of Greece to visitors from around the world and each one has a unique element to them, creating a harmony of unforgettable experiences.

The packages on display are indicative of the attention to detail that has been put into creating each one. If you’d like to see a complete flip-book of our luxury travel packages for Greece & the Mediterranean, please get in contact with our team here.