12 Day tour includes Athens, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos and Santorini

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos & Paros Tour

Explore Athens & the Acropolis as well as some of the most fun and vibrant Cycladic Islands with our 12 day Greek tour.

Read our travel teams Blog posts about Paros & Naxos to find out some of the best things to see and do in the visited destinations.



Athens is home to several Unesco World Heritage sights, including the famous Acropolis and the one of a kind Panathenaic stadium. There are also quaint, colourful neighbourhoods in the city centre, as well as classy and elegant coastal suburbs, like Glyfada,  where you can swim, shop and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants. Athens is also home to a staggering amount of museums, like the Archaeological Museum of Athens & the Benaki Museum, as well as art foundations like Stavros Niarchos and the Onassis Foundation.


Mykonos is a party island with a lively vibe, high end shopping, and a great club scene, as well as a quaint town centre. Make sure you try the fine dining restaurants that have opened in recent years, and at no point should you consider leaving without a stop at Little Venice and the iconic windmills of Chora Town. Sizzling beaches like Psarou & Super Paradise also operate as open air clubs, so get ready to mingle and dance. 


Santorini is one of the most romantic Greek islands. The famous Oia sunset, the scenic streets and the volcanic caldera are some of the most significant sights, but don’t leave without taking a wine tour in one of the many excellent vineyards, or sampling the famous Santorini tomato. One of the most rewarding experiences is doing a boat tour around the island’s best swimming spots, where you can splash around in privacy.


The most fertile Cycladic island, Naxos is a tremendous foodie destination. It is also a great beach holiday option, with several sandy expanses like Agia Anna and Vigla, as well as quaint mountain villages such as Koronos, Halki & Filoti with its charming olive groves and Byzantine churches. Naxos also has  a budding nightlife ambiance, so look out for local festivals in the summer. If you’re into archaeology, make sure you visit the Portara, an ancient ruin of a marble gate, standing sentinel at the edge of the main harbour. 


Paros is an ideal all around holiday destination, especially for families. This idyllic Cycladic island, with its postcard sugar cube white houses, great beach sport opportunities and vibrant nightlife caters to everyone. If you’re after some fun, head to Pounda Bay and mingle with the singles at the beach bar, while if you’re after water sports, you’ll find your mecca in Livadia, Santa Mara & Golden Beaches. Parikia & Naoussa are the two main settlements, draped in traditional white cubed Cycladic houses and soulful vibes that are great for every age group.

Type of Experience: Island Hopping

Locations: Athens | Mykonos | Naxos | Paros | Santorini

Duration: 12 Days

Validity: Summer (April - October)


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