Greek Food: A Love Affair

They say food is a way to win a man’s heart. That’s only half true. Food is a way to anyone’s heart. And especially when it comes to Greek food. There’s something for everyone. It’s ecumenical. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or an omnivore, finding something you’ll love eating will be as simple as the… View Article

Cruising in Style: Celestyal Dreams

Going to Greece on holiday? If so then you’re probably going to a Greek island or two. Or three. And why not? The Greek islands are awesome, and if you can peel yourself away from the first one, we salute you. It’s usually the case for most; planning to visit several islands only to find… View Article

Thessaloniki Film Festival: Watch it!

With thousands of years of continued history, Greece is the beginning of many of today’s fields in science, mathematics, philosophy and the arts. They invented many things that made life better and easier. But they also created things that made life sweeter and more enjoyable for its residents. This is the country of the muses;… View Article

Alternative Athens: So Much More Than The Acropolis

The city of Athens is all that and a bag of chips. Really tasty chips at that. When you produce such horticultural opulence, blowing your own horn is almost expected. And Athenians do love a good honk now and then (literally, we mean it, the car honk pollution is a thing) on account of their… View Article

Santorini in Autumn: Savvy?

Santorini is one of the top 5 destinations worldwide. And we’re not just blowing our horn here. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, aka Conde Nast. So it comes as no surprise to find out that Santorini is in fact getting… How should I put this? Crowded? Bursting at the seams? At any rate,… View Article

Sand & Marble: Hitting the Trail in Greece & Egypt

Two of the most ancient and important civilizations to have ever lived (and still going), Greece and Egypt are essential to the understanding of human evolution. More than half the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World are to be found in these two countries. They are the Alpha and the Omega. What’s more, we still… View Article

Authentic Naupaktos: The Hidden Jewel of Western Greece

Naupaktos is largely an unknown quantity. The serenity of this Greek coastal town in western Greece is unrivalled and with good reason. Everything you need is right here; clean air, fresh produce and a sense of purpose. Oh yeah, and literally like no tourist in sight. Naupaktos definitely ticks most of the boxes. Like most… View Article

Lands of Contrast: Greece & Dubai

Sitting at opposite sides of the spectrum, Greece and Dubai are what dreams are made of. And we mean that literally. Dubai was nothing more than a fishing village not so long ago. Talk about dreaming big. Athens on the other hand seems like a dream lost in a haze, wrapped in a vision. So… View Article

Arcadia: Origins of the Myth

There’s no shortage of beauty in Greece. Blue and white sugar cube houses in the Cyclades, Venetian cobble stone streets with medieval castles in the Ionian, and pretty temples and churches on the most improbable of places; that’s Greece, and then some. Apart from the architecture, which we assure you is pretty damn spectacular, Greece… View Article

Lake Plastiras: Paradise in Thessaly

Greece is a land that is all about the natural wonders and the visceral experiences. So, for most people it would appear strange to know that one of Greece’s most picturesque spots (and soon to be not so secret) was forged by man rather than nature. That man was General Nikolaos Plastiras. And in 1960… View Article