Florina: The Gold Standard of Winter Vacations

If this week, and indeed this year, are anything to go by, we’re fairly certain you’ll want to follow our lead and get yourself acquainted with Greece’s lovely winter towns. And there are many. Especially up in the north of Greece. And if you ask us, Florina would be one of our top picks. Sitting… View Article

New Year’s Traditions in Greece

In Greece, Christmas and the New Year come second to Easter. That’s a fact. Greeks love their Easter. But make no mistake, any old excuse to celebrate and be with loved ones is more than welcome. And when it comes to celebrations and forging traditions, Greece has fairly long tradition of making things out of… View Article

Rakomelo: Ode to the Ultimate Christmas Spirit

Winter time is a special time. Winter means festivities and parties and lots of excuses to meet and be with family and friends. It follows that during such merry times, maximum efforts to please and be pleased are amplified. During Christmas these acts of love translate to tons of food and drink. Specially made with… View Article

Veria: A Mystery Shrouded in a Time Warp

Veria is so under the radar that it almost never features in any tourist guides. You’ll never hear it being praised for this, that or the other. And that’s ok. We feel that the less exposure a city receives, the better it can manage the visceral and tangible elements of a tourist onrush. Sitting on… View Article

Elatohori: Spirit of Christmas

Elatohori literally means Fir village. Up on the slopes of the Pierian Mountain range, only a short drive away from Katerini, this under the radar hamlet lives on a different bubble than the rest of us. How do we know? Well, for one, there’s only a handful of tripadvisor entries to its name (though AirBnB… View Article

Magic By the Lake: Kastoria is Fur-Real

Kastoria is a town steeped in old world charm. In no small part due to the fact that this town screams old money at you, like an angry teenager without a cellphone. Kastoria is as magical as they come, and one needn’t look too far to see why. Built amphitheatrically around Lake Orestiada, Kastoria is… View Article

A White & Blue Christmas in Athens

The c-word is getting trotted out and it’s just great. We love Christmas. And not just because of the presents and sweets and the vacation time. Although, we’d be lying if that wasn’t a significant part of it. No, Christmas in Athens is more than just meeting with friends and drinking and eating. It’s the… View Article

Buried But Not Forgotten: Unearthing Greece’s Long Lost Secrets

It would seem redundant to point out that Greece has a long and illustrious history. And in reality it would. The city state of Athens itself boasts over 5,000 years of continuous existence, certainly the oldest city in Europe by a country mile. But, do we know everything there is to know about Greece? The… View Article

Northern Greece: Autumn Paradise

With winter time come new experiences. After the sweltering lava-like summer we’ve had, even then Lannisters are happy to see winter coming. And if news are to be believed (lol, you got me) then Greece is in for a real doozy. And we don’t mind. Not when places like Northern Greece are now less than… View Article

Greek Food: A Love Affair

They say food is a way to win a man’s heart. That’s only half true. Food is a way to anyone’s heart. And especially when it comes to Greek food. There’s something for everyone. It’s ecumenical. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or an omnivore, finding something you’ll love eating will be as simple as the… View Article