Athens: The New M.I.C.E Destination

In the first of a four part series we’d like to introduce and explore the tremendous advantages and possibilities available for large scale conventions and M.I.C.E opportunities throughout Greece. These last few years have been trying, but at the same time have been met with a veritable explosion of creativity and vision. Large scale public works such as the renovation of 14 airports across the country (ahead of schedule), the completion of large swaths of interstate motorways and the digitization of many heretofore time consuming procedures have created a new dynamic. That comes in handy when you consider the advantages already in place such as favorable tax rebates for the movie industry, tax incentives for investment in conference tourism and digital nomads and several other regulatory framework moves. Add natural beauty and cultural allure and it’s a home run. In this first of these we’ll be looking at Athens.


Athens needs few introductions. What needs to be driven home is the giant strides made, and the unfolding of the next phases in its development of M.I.C.E initiatives. Convention centers such as the elegant and storied Zappeion Hall, the state of the art Onassis and Niarchos Cultural Centers intersect with the timeless Grand Bretagne hotel and the sea side restaurant and club scene.


Athens has invested greatly in its scientific community, and in the land where mathematics and astronomy where invented new advances in biotech, robotics, agritech and especially the medical fields have yielded medical breakthroughs and innovations that center on the human to extend, relieve and alleviate.

Nautical tourism

Nautical tourism is another sector of interest and in particular floating conference tourism. Because what’s better than conducting your business sailing through the strewn multitude of the Greek islands? Pireaus port is your springboard and now that the new remodeling of the 28 story Pireaus Tower into a multiplex cum innovation centre is underway and poised to be completed in 2023, you’ll want to recalibrate.


Similarly, the arts scene is upwardly trending. This year saw the opening of the new vast NEON cultural centre in one of Athens’ venerable neo classical buildings in the Kolonos district in down town. This comes on the heels of the regeneration of several new galleries in the Piraeus district not to mention the half dozen new hotels that have sprung up just in the city centre itself.

Team building

The organization of new activities for team building and leisure are as limitless as your imagination. Take the burgeoning food and wine scene for instance. New and improved methods such as the weaving of vines into curl baskets and underwater oxygen-free aging have produced some terrific results.

Athens: The New M.I.C.E Destination

Athens sits in a geographically enviable position, being no more than 3 hours away from virtually all European capitals. It’s rich in talent, infrastructure and innovation. And it’s just beginning. Your next M.I.C.E event has a host. It’s called Athens.

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