The 3 Best Beaches In Andros

If you don’t know the island of Andros, or you’re confused as to why an island in the Caribbean should figure on our humble blog, then allow us to dispel any misconceptions. Yes, Andros is an island in the Cyclades that also happens to be the name of a tropical Caribbean island just off St. Bart’s. Andros Island also happens to be extremely well placed on the map. Consider the fact that at a mere 2 hours away from Athens, Andros is ideally located. Consider the fact that its 11 square kilometers hold more than 30 incredible beaches. And finally, imagine all that beauty and accessibility with the added bonus of not having to jostle for position with another gazillion people all looking for the same thing. Got the picture? Great. Now let’s break down the 3 best beaches in Andros that will blow your socks right off.

A small caveat must be inserted at this point. Andros is a mountainous island, like the majority of Greece. That means that Andros and its beaches are for the most part a veritable trek. We’re talking dirt roads on steep cliffs, goats on the road, vertiginous drop offs, and steep inclinations. Getting to the beaches is no small feat, and certainly not for the light hearted. This takes commitment, however, the pay-off is considerable as you’ll find out.


The most characteristic example of this is Achla beach. Favored by local C-elebrities and intrepid travelers alike, Achla is hands down the crown in the jewel. The dirt road is as egregiously unkempt as you’d expect. You probably need a 4×4 to get there. Once you set your eyes on the clean azure waters in what is a perfect seclude bay lapped by fine golden sand, you probably will want to get your phone out and start taking pictures. Don’t expect anything by way of amenities. Do look out for a pair of angry swans who forage for cheese pies and sandwiches. They will go after you.


Zorgkos beach, is equally beautiful in that it’s almost a carbon copy of Achla, but has more amenities, including a real sweet tavern overlooking the bay. Again, the waters here are turquoise blue, making you wonder if you’ve landed on the Ionian by accident. Getting there is slightly easier, as the roads have been tended to, meaning you probably won’t have to rent a jeep to visit. Look out for Kossis tavern on te way. This is a veritable institution on the island and the mere fact that it’s a farm would make it impressive regardless of location. Pitching up on the rolling esplanade that serves as Kossi’s farm is a mystical experience. If you do make the pilgrimage, try the liver and ‘kleftiko’ goat. Your life will never be the same.


You’ve probably noticed that both Achla and Zorgkos are up in the north of the island. Well, it turns out that most of the good ones are. And so that’s the case with Vitali beach, too. Vitali’s incurvation is its main moat, so to speak. It’s not so much the quality of the road as much as the steep inclination of the roads. Once there, though, Vitali is a vibrant party spot with music blasting from the beach bar. But don’t be alarmed. It’s not quite Super Paradise in Mykonos. It’s not quite Achla, either. The fine sand and tropical blue waters are the real draw here, so be prepared.

The 3 Best Beaches In Andros

Andros is just starting to scratch the surface of its potential. The yachts and boats are slowly trickling in. If Andros had aan airport it probably would be called Mykonos. But not yet. Maybe even never. For now, pack your sun screen and grab a hat. The sun isn’t the only thing warming up.

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