Ithaca is a bit like the lost island of Atlantis, or even Mt. Olympus, in that most people believe they are in fact made up (ok, the jury’s still out on Atlantis). Through legend and lore, it’s sometimes confusing to keep up with what’s real and what not in the land of eternal sunshine. We assure you that Ithaca is a very real and tangible island (See? There’s pictures and everything).

Tucked away in a corner of the Ionian, Ithaca bears a brand name far bigger than its 117 square kilometers. It is the home of the fabled hero Odysseus. And as Homer would have it, his hero would return home to a somewhat complicated homecoming.

In Ithaca, however, there’s nothing complicated, apart from picking your next bathing spot, or your next tavern meal. Ithaca lives on its own timeline. It doesn’t get up from its dozy slumber for no one. And that is a big part of its appeal. Come for the beaches, stay for the quality of life. And why not? When your view includes sweeping vistas and rolling hills amidst the big blue you really can just thumb your nose at the world and do you.


Ithaca is a divided island, in that it’s divided by a small causeway that unites the two bits of land that make up the island. On one end lies Vathy; the only real settlement with any semblance of amenities on the island. On the other end is the rugged wild and authentic Ithaca, dotted with small villages such as Anogi and Stavros. We think it best to explore both sides of the island, but take note of the beaches of Filiatro, Frikes and Gedaki. Clear crystal blue green waters are the norm, so are sandy white beaches with just a touch of pink. Secluded coves and bays with small beaches are in abundance, too. And these are so remote that only water taxis and boats will take you there.


Ithaca is full of unexpected surprises that way. One might find Homer’s school in Exoghi, or the cave of the nymphs where Odysseus hid his booty. The spring of Aretousa for instance, is also mentioned in Homer’s epic, as the place where Odysseus led his pigs to drink water. Ithaca is teeming with myth and history, and one only has to look at the remains of ancient Alalcomai acropolis from the 6th century BC, or the sanctuary of Aetos from the 9th century, to realize that Ithaca is nothing short of enthralling

Getting lost in a time warp in Greece is what holidays in this ancient land are supposed to be. In Ithaca, they take it further.

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