Skiathos: Sublime On The Tan Line

There´s nothing spectacular about Skiathos. Nothing that stands out, like a landmark or intensely beautiful nature, although Skiathos is nothing if not beautiful. If one had to pick out a quality that makes them remember it poignantly, it’d have to be a generic sense of happiness. Because Skiathos is end to end gorgeous. It defies logic by its sheer force of numeric superiority. There isn’t a single thing about the island that you’d change. With lush green turquoise waters and a canopy of green vegetation enveloping it, you’d have to be stark raving mad to want to.

Skiathos, situated to the south of the Peloponnese, and part of the Sporades islands, is the daddy extraordinaire of chill the heck out holidays. What’s actually incredibly fun about Skiathos is its diverse clientele. From families to young party animals, it caters to all walks and tastes of life, due to its balanced mix of beaches, sports and culture.

Going Out

There is heaps of nightlife, with clubs and bars galore as you amble down the cobblestoned streets of Skiathos Town. There is a distinct sense of Dionysian laissez faire energy about it. A bit like Mykonos before they began charging souvlakia at 14 euros a pop. Ah well. Don’t miss the clubs by the esplanade. They are a perfect ending to a debauched night out.

Skiathos boasts some impressive stuff to see, too. The 14th century castle fortification built by the Skiathians themselves still stands tall and in fairly good conditions. Silarly beautiful is the 19th century Panagia Evangelistria monastery, 5 km north of Skiathos town.

Day Time Fun

But the real showstopper in Skiathos are the beaches. Glorious, sandy, crispy gold beaches. With about 60 of them you really can’t go wrong, although we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the spectacular Koukounaries beach as a starting point. Flanked by a massive pine tree forest, the beach essentially is sun protected for free. Lalaria beach is equally impressive, although one has to rent a boat to get to it, ensuring its loveliness from mass arrivals.

Skiathos: Sublime On The Tan Line

Skiathos is incredible. But don’t just take our word for it. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Rusell have been vacationing there for years. And if we know one thing, it’s that this cool couple know what’s good.

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