Emerald Jewels – Athens/Skiathos/Skopelos/Alonissos

11 Day tour includes Athens, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos
Sporades islands


Athens. Arrival to Athens International Airport and assisted transfer to hotel.


Athens – City Tour & New Acropolis Museum. Departure from the hotel in the morning after breakfast for a guided city tour of Athens. On the Acropolis you can admire the Temple of Athena Nike, as well as the Propylaea. The beautiful geometry of the Parthenon will come into view, as will the Erechtheion, with its renovated portico of the Caryatides and the Pandroseion. You will visit the hill of Filopapos, walk through the paths of Plaka, Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament with the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, the New Acropolis Museum and the modern city of Athens, the city chosen by the Gods. Afternoon free. Overnight stay in Athens


Athens-Skiathos. Departure to the Port of Agios Konstantinos (the port that services the Sporadic Islands). Upon arrival in Skiathos, transfer to the hotel, accomodation.

DAYS 4 & 5

Skiathos. Breakfast and free days to explore the island of Skiathos at your own leisure. Along with Skopelos, Skiathos is set apart from the rest of the islands in the Sporades for its abundant vegetation and incredible natural beauty. It is characterized by its multitude of pine trees and crystal clear waters, which constitute this a dream location. Cars are not necessarily needed, since taxi boats enjoy a more widespread use than other islands, transporting people to different beaches as well as tours to the famous Blue Cave (Galazia Spilia). The island also has its own very well preserved fort, which combined with the traditional white houses lined with pots of flowers, constitute one of the hidden beautys of Skiathos. Beaches that particularly stand out are Kukunaries, Burtsi, Plakes, Cojili, Megali Amos, Canapitsa, Janemo, Megas Yalos, Elía and Asélinos.


Skiathos-Skopelos. Departure from the hotel following breakfast, to the port to embark on a ferry with destination the Island of Skopelos. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel and free time to relax and explore at your own leisure. Accomodation.


Skopelos. Breakfast followed by free time to explore at your own leisure. This beautifull island was the setting for the film Mamma Mia! Skopelos is an island characterized by its abundance of pine trees and exuberant vegetation. Thanks to this and its traditional architecture, its peaceful beaches, and delicious local gastronomic expertise, this small corner of paradise is the ideal location for a dream holiday. Overlooking this majestic view, are the ruins of an ancient Venetian castle which was built on top of the ruins of the ancient Greek Acropolis of the island. At the bottom of the village, by the sea, lie in waiting all the small taxi boats that will take you around the island to its even more desolate and peaceful beaches, or just on a tour around the island. Notable beaches are Panormos, Milia, Sares, Ayios Constantinos, Glisteri and particularly Castri. Overnight stays in hotel.


Skopelos-Alónissos. Departure at indicated time from the hotel with destination the island of Alonissos. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel followed by free time to explore and relax. Overnight stay at hotel.


Alonissos. Alonissos is an island characterised by dense vegetation, often reaching the shore, as well as some of the clearest water in the Aegean sea. Thanks to the marine life conservation aquarium, there is strong marine life present, including monk seals, sea turtles and dolphins, providing an excellent chance for visitors to see them up close. Roam through the quaint streets and explore the ancient Venetian castle’s ruins, overlooking the town, or for the more adventurous, there are tours to the old Byzantine warship which sunk of the coast of Ayios Petros in the year 120 A.D. Overnight stay in Alonissos.

DAY 10

Alonissos-Athens. Departure at indicated time to the Port of Alonissos to board a ferry with destination the Port of Ayios Konstantinos. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel in Athens followed by free time and overnight stay in Athens.

DAY 11

Athens. Departure from hotel and transfer to Athens International Airport at arranged time.

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May – October

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