If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting an island like Antiparos or Koufonissia, chances are you’ll get major bouts of déjà vu in Kimolos. Because just like them, Kimolos lives on a different time plain. Free from the shackles of over-tourism and free to pursue one’s endeavors in Kimolos, one feels instantly drawn to this tiny sun speckled piece of land. It’s not hard to see why, either. This is what paradise ought to look like. Located right next to Milos and even closer to Poliegos (population: 2), this Cycladic island has flown under the radar for far too long. But that’s the ‘price you pay’ when ferry services are limited. We don’t mind.

Apart from the main settlement in Hora, there isn’t another town or village which means that everyone knows each other and is in everyone’s business. Which might not be so cool when seeking some solitude but is truly a blessing when faced with adversity, knowing your neighbor’s got your back.


Kimolos is all about nature and beaches. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s an abundance of incredible, secluded coves and bays and a lot of them are only accessible by water taxi. Look out for Mavrospilia, Pigados, Dekas and Klima. In Klima you’ll be able to marvel at the ‘syrmata’, which are essentially converted boat hangars into homes. They are directly accessible to the sea and act as open air hang outs. In Psathi, which is where the main port is, you’ll find some loungers and umbrellas but don’t hold your breath waiting for beach bar situations. Ellinika and Fikiada are also well worth the time and effort, as are Bonatsa and Kalamitsi. Really, you could spend a whole day beach hopping and still want more.


And if you tire of sloshing around like a beached whale, rest assured in the knowledge that Kimolos can offer a way out of your sun induced stupor.

That’s right, Kimolos can also mean getting up off your backside and exploring the awesome hiking trails the island has to offer. Try the Skiadi trail on for size as it meanders into rolling hillsides and plunges onto Mavrospilia beach. Equally impressive is the underwater alternative, which includes an ancient city that’s sunk into the harbor at Ellinikon beach.

It goes without saying that the food is out of this world, with a variety of cheeses and pies that will test the limits of your will power. A couple of bonus bits of info for the wise; the ice cream in Kimolos is insanely good. Empirically speaking, it may just be top 5. And that’s something coming from someone who is clinically addicted to sugar. Also, keep an eye out for impromptu movie screenings at random locations of Homeric beauty. We’re talking open air vistas with meteor showers while watching black and white European art house films. If you think you can do better we challenge you to find something as soul fulfilling as that.

Kimolos should be on your bucket list as of now.

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