The name itself bears a historical signifier hard to forget, but Karpathos has forged its own distinct path. In stark contrast to what the Transylvanian version has to offer, Karpathos the island is serene and with no menacing undertones. If you haven’t heard the name of the island before, well, there’s a good reason for that. Apart from a few international competitions and the unquestionable draw of its mythological pedigree, Karpathos is largely unknown to most.

Karpathos is said to be the birthplace of Prometheus and his Titans, and really, when it comes to mythology in the islands (and let’s face it, almost every island in Greece comes with at least one such myth) this one is pretty cool. I mean, Titans. What else do you want? If you’re into mythology and history and getting to grips with what you see, then Karpathos’s will have you running around in a frenzied Easter egg hunt.


If you’re after action and adventure you better buckle up. Karpathos is a wind surfer’s paradise. That meltemi really does the trick, up there. Several schools and the annual wind surfing competition have created a culture of marine sports that is hard to replicate. Another activity worth exploring is scuba diving. It is reported that one can see up to 30 metres down due to the visibility. With underwater sights including sea turtles, subaquatic mazes and caves Karpathos is one of Europe’s best spots for that. Mountains are also on the menu, here in Karpathos. Hiking and rock climbing are big, and with such incredible surroundings one would certainly need a robust excuse not to acquiesce. After all, Greece is all about nature, and Karpathos is nothing if not one big open air conservatory.

That, you’ll find out when taking yourself out of your comfort zone.


The island itself is a collection of sleepy villages, all perched up atop the wild mountains. One such village is Olymbos, where old women still dress in traditional garb all year long. They are a sartorial spectacle, and come festival time during August, every single woman gets about in full regalia. The villages of Diafani, Aperi and Volada are equally impressive with their panoramic views of the Aegean and their charming architecture.

As you can expect, the beaches are top notch. Check out Achata, Apella, Kyra Panagia as well as the islet of Saria. You won’t be disappointed.

Karpathos is as authentic as they come. The island is a veritable paradise on earth with little in the way of mass tourism and oodles of character.

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