Crete: The Next M.I.C.E Destination

This week’s installment of our M.I.C.E opportunities in Greece is all about the lovely island of Crete. In a sense, Crete is a nation unto itself. Its history as Europe’s first organized civilization goes a long way. Its hospitality is world renowned, its food and wine culture credentials are impeccable and the 4 major cities and countless villages provide all the old world enchantment you’d expect from a place like Crete. This comes with extensive convention, congress and conference facilities from the many 4 and 5 star hotels that are scattered across the island. Chania’s airport has just gone through a renovation that has increased passenger gates by 25% and utterly modernized the terminal. Crete’s other infrastructure is similarly well tended to with its 3 major ports and airports bringing in more than 5 million people a year. It doesn’t hurt that the number of inter connected grids makes travelling through Crete’s mountainous terrain a real joy.

Culture & Size

Crete organizes hundreds of international and local conventions, meetings, incentives and exhibitions a year, and the reason for that is the sum of all its parts, least of which is its abundance of sunshine and good vibes. Crete has something for everyone. Archaeological ruins from the Minoan times and onwards (Romans, Franks, Venetians), medieval fortress islands like Spinalonga, cultured cities like Chania and Heraklion where you can see the melting pot of cultures in the form of mosques, fortresses and churches, while up in the mountain villages like ‘Zoniana’ you’ll see the fiercely proud keepers of the Cretan way of life.

Food & wine

Some of the most inventive ways of cooking lamb are said to be from these very same mountain villages. When necessity becomes the catalyst for invention the result is ‘antikrysto’ (a multilevel grilling contraption, not to be confused with exorcism) or Cretan goat cheese, and delicacies like cured ‘apaki’ ham. And that’s before we start on the moonshine-y raki and grappa distillation varieties that are invariably the fuel that keeps the party going till the wee hours. There’s the wine, naturally, and honey, olives, oranges. The culinary magic can’t be overstated enough.

Sunny & organised

Congress tourism in Crete benefits not only from the plentiful and healthy Cretan diet, but from the fact that in Crete, the sun almost never stops shining. And, as it is the most southern point of Europe it enjoys an almost constant 25 degree weather that is ideal for round the year conferences, meetings, incentives or exhibitions.


There are heaps of sports activities to get into for team building activities. Take ‘Preveli’ beach for instance. This gorgeous beach is also the end point for one of Crete’s sweet water rivers, which means kayaking fans will be thrilled. Water sports virtually of any kind, sailing, as well as rock climbing, paragliding and 4×4 jeep adventures.

Crete: The Next M.I.C.E Destination

Crete has it all. Some of the most breathtaking hotels in the world are located there. Some of the best food in the world is grown and prepared there. And one of the most diverse and storied cultures resides there, ready to tackle any convention, exhibition or meeting with professionalism and warmth. Your next destination is Crete.

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