Rhodes: The Next M.I.C.E Destination

The island of Rhodes is not unknown to most people. It’s even fair to say that Greece owes much of its tourism expertise to Rhodes, having been one of the few islands to pick up on mass travel opportunities decades ago, even before Mykonos. From its humble beginnings to where it’s at now, Rhodes has come a long way. This island is ideal for organizing conventions, exhibitions and meeting of all sorts and the reasons are many. Least of which is its amazing weather (officially the sunniest place in Greece with over 330 days of sunshine). Then you have the beaches, the food and wine, the culture and of course the close proximity to three continents. Add superb local, multilingual talent and a hard working mentality and you have one of the biggest and up and coming M.I.C.E destinations in south east Europe.


The infrastructure in Greece has improved drastically the last couple years. Take Diagoras international airport for instance. It’s one of 14 airports that have been renovated and refurbished in Greece the past 6 months. The terminal and the gates, amenities have been upgraded and increased. In addition to that, a host of new digital friendly procedures have been implemented to enhance the product.

Hotels & Conferences

When it comes to conferences and exhibitions, Rhodes really comes up trumps. For an island weighing in at 1,400.68 km2, it is simply beyond expectations that it should have 80,000 beds available, half of which are A class, yet that is exactly what Rhodes has. There are more than 40 deluxe and A class convention centres. Just in Ixia alone there are more than 15,000 conference seats. There’s also 2 autonomous convention centres to add to the multitude of 4 and 5 star hotels. But that’s not all. If you want your meeting or incentive to really trend upwards, it’s not a bad idea to look at some of the more traditional venues available. And here comes the kicker. Why choose a hotel for your convention when you can choose a castle? You got that right. You can go ahead and book the 13th century palace of the Grand Master for your meeting. If you can top that we’d love to know. Of course, should that fail you can always go for the Kalithea Springs venue or the Ancient Stadium underneath the Acropolis of Rhodes, or even The Fort of Saint Nicolas.


Rhodes’s M.I.C.E credentials are further bolstered by the fact that more than 2 million people visit Rhodes every year, many of those visiting for business. And many of them from a very diverse set of places. Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East are extremely near, thus making it an ideal convention and exhibition destination. To that end, it’s worth pointing out that Rhodes is an architectural supermarket of styles, owing to its varied history. It has mosques, medieval fortresses, Christian chapels and monasteries, Byzantine, Venetian, Renaissance, Ottoman relics as well as a ghost village fashioned after Italian fascist Mussolini’s reign.

Rhodes: The Next M.I.C.E Destination

Rhodes is in prime position to cater to any sized convention. It has culture, history, nightlife, theater, food and great weather. It’s affordable, tranquil and most importantly, Rhodes get the job done

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