For most of us, Santorini is the idealised version of a postcard perfect holiday. The kind that feels once in a lifetime. A bit like New York or Paris, even, it almost feels like you know Santorini before you even step foot on it’s decidedly minute yet ritzy real estate. The deluge of optical prompts is mythical in its scale. Social media have catapulted Santorini into the stratosphere and its appeal to asian travelers and honeymoners has rightly earned it the title of most romantic island. The sunsets and adorable housing configuration are why people come, but it’s others things they stay for.

The wines of Santorini are definately one of those things. The famous Assyrtiko grape variety has taken the wine world by storm in the last few years, as have Aidani and Athiri. These are grapes that are said to be centuries old and cultivated in extremely unique conditions. Because of the high winds and temperatures, the vines are coiled and lifted up to help maintain its health. In Santorini some growers have even taken to stashing their wine cellar underwater for up to 5 years to test and experiment with the aging and maturation process.

It isn’t just wine that makes Santorini go round, however. With such a long and vaunted history behind it, it would be remiss to overlook its rich archaeological tapestry. And nowhere is that more indisputable than in Santorini’s own little Pompeii, otherwise know as Akrotiri. Akrotiri is a small village of no more than 500 inhabitants. But several thousand years before Christ was even born it was a thriving Minoan outpost that traded in dyes and garments. And sometime in 1500 BC the resident volcano finally kicked it and covered the island in molten lava, trapping everything and anything inside it. Now, you can see what the settlement looked like as archaeologists continue to dig and unearth stuff.

Santorini is full of stuff to see and do. Try the volcano caldera hike, or even a spot of swimming in sulphur waters. Or just sit by the infinity pool and chill, cocktail perma-glued to hand. Shopping is also a sport here, for those hopeless fashionistas. With the abundance of high end bling stores and designer studios you’d think you were in a televangelist convention.  And this summer you may even be able to get a sunset picture with no one in the background, curtesy of the coronavirus. Play your cards right and summer time may just see you jumping up the social ladder.

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