The 3 Most Spectacular Beaches in Greece

This year’s mantra is get to Greece any which way. If tour operators and numbers are to be believed, then expect Tom, Dick and Harry and your aunt Mary in Greece this summer. Greece is going to be heaving from July afterwards, and that may be hyperbole, but not as much as you’d think. With that said, it is our duty to set you up for success, so we’re going to get you some important info on how to best maximize the sea and sun coming your way. No doubt, the majority of your time will be spent under a parasol on a beach, and rightly so. After so many months of staring at walls, the notion of staying inside a room for any other reason that sleep seems perverse at best. A few of you may even dispense with beds and sleep al fresco. A commendable option. With the quantity and quality of beaches, it would almost be rude not to try your luck free camping on a beach. We’ve compiled the 3 most spectacular beaches in Greece for your consideration. A word of advice, though; be prepared to share the beach with goats, sheep and all manner of animals roaming free.


We’ll start you off with ‘The 3 Most Spectacular Beaches in Greece, ‘Voidokilia’, or cow’s belly as it translates to. The reason for this endearing sobriquet becomes immediately apparent once there; it’s a gigantic semi-circular beach that is shaped like the Greek letter ‘omega’. Located in the southern tip of the Peloponnese, right next to ‘Navarino’, this beach is in fact a double beach (can it get any better?) as the back is lapped by a lagoon. Truly spectacular on an epic scale, and what’s more impressive is the dearth of visitors, even on a normal year, as is the absence of any organized beach bar with umbrellas and whatnot. This is an unadulterated paradise that requires you bring the essentials.

Shipwreck beach

One of the most famous and indeed, pretty beaches in Greece is Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos. You’ve seen it on tv, you’ve heard it on the radio. Shipwreck beach is out of this world. However, and at risk of being pelted with tomatoes as I walk the streets in shame, I suggest you instead visit a beach that is accessible, and not overrun with visitors. And that beach is ‘Kathisma’, in Lefkada. The Ionian Sea is host to some of the most impressive beaches in Greece, but when it comes to size and beauty, you can’t go wrong with ‘Kathisma’ (translates to seat in Greek). It is the epitome of turquoise blue waters, golden sand and fierce waves to play around with. Some amenities, do exist, but don’t go thinking watersports and beach parties with champagne showers. It is decidedly family friendly, so go with confidence. And sunscreen. You can never have enough of that.


Our third super awesome beach is located in the southern tip of Crete. We’re talking about ‘Balos’, and folks, no amount of words can possibly prepare you for its searing incandescence. ‘Balos’ is essentially a lagoon that is part submerged and the rest is sand. Very fine sand. And its big. Despite the fact that some concessions have been allowed to operate, don’t be alarmed. The place is what paradise would look like if it had a beach. Everywhere you look there’s water and fine sand. This may be the last one but it is far from the odd man out. If you’re going to visit Greece, this summer, make it a point to visit Balos. It will blow your mind, clean off.

The 3 Most Spectacular Beaches in Greece

This summer, get your kit off and jump straight in and cleanse the last 12 months off your skin and mind. Immerse yourself in water and purify your soul with a dose of Greece. It always goes down smooth.

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