The Cycladic Trifecta: Mykonos, Santorini & Paros

Like a perfect 3 flavor ice cream cone melting in your hands on a warm day at the beach, this 3 flavor Cycladic island hop hits the spot. The Cycladic Trifecta consists of the three islands of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. Lick the salt, down the shot, suck the lime. The order is up to you. The idea is party like its 1999 in Mykonos, relax in Santorini and get the adrenaline flowing in Paros.


Mykonos is like Las Vegas on the Med, without the casinos. The reputation of the island is global. The sun, the awesome beaches, the amazing nature and the delectable food make for a truly unique combination. The people you’ll meet and greet from all over the world will give you a new perspective on life and a renewed appreciation for the small moments and the pockets of bliss. The memories will stay with you forever. Just make sure you delete the photos.


Depending on how much fun you’ve had in Mykonos, the options are to relax, or grab a rush. We’ll go right head and assume you’re picking Santorini. And really, is there anywhere else you’d rather be after what should seem like ten rounds with Tyson? Sunset cocktails by the infinity pool with a view to the Aegean, masseuse on call 24/7 for aching muscles, insanely delicious food and world class grown wine are some of the thing you can expect. If that sounds like something that grabs you, you’re not alone. Santorini is extremely popular and at times over crowded. But if you’re one of the lucky ones, this summer you won’t have to jostle with what seems like half the world’s marriage plans. Santorini offers serenity and pampering. And this year it seems like serenity is back on the menu.


After recharging in love island, head to Paros for what is without doubt one of Europe’s biggest water sport destination. Paros plays host to the World Kitesurfing and Windsurfing championship races every year and needless to say, the abundance and scope of water sport activities and opportunities is sizeable. Every kind of aquatic sport known to man is practiced and probably taught there. Add in the snorkeling, scuba diving and couple of water slide parks and Paros has your R&R locked.

The Cycladic Trifecta: Mykonos, Santorini & Paros

Naturally, it’s the dealer’s choice when it comes to the order. Some have been known to start with the dessert with the main course sandwiched between the entrees, but it’s been a weird year so have at it.

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