The 3 Best Greek Party Islands (Not Called Mykonos)

There’s no denying the Greek party spirit. Greece puts the ‘art’ in party. When you have a deity like Dionysus, the God of merriment and mischief your credentials are solid. Add in the thousands of years they’ve had to perfect their craft, the elements they’ve borrowed from other ‘visiting’ cultures and presto: You’ve got yourself a shindig, folks. And we’re not even going to mention carnivals (yes, another Greek invention, but don’t tell the Italians) and feasts. You know all about that. But with the hot vax summer swinging our way, we’d be remiss not to let you in on a few secrets. One of them being that you don’t need to break the bank going to Mykonos to have at it. Don’t get us wrong, Mykonos is the gold standard for debauched antics, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll be able to find what you seek.


We´ll start you off with none other than Ios. All those Italian and Aussie backpackers can’t be wrong, right? Ios has been a mainstay for quite some time. Its party reputation is second to none and we just love the energy on this island. There is no conspicuous wealth, this island is flat out party for the people. It’s not glitzy or glamourous and there aren’t (that many) designer boutiques. Ios has great beaches, too, ideal for nursing hangovers, or if you’re not a quitter, the beach bars are stocked and serve booze all day, so you know, hair of the dog?


On to Paros. This island is what Mykonos looked like 20 years ago. Full Cycladic charm, windmills, delectable food and hospitable people. And all that without the excess and decadence associated with Mykonos. From backpackers to hippies and Instagram celebrities (as well as the odd actual celebrity) to teenagers on their first trip, Paros oozes effortless authenticity. Naoussa town is the place to be for everything party associated.


Skiathos is a bit of a dark horse party island. It straddles the limit between beach paradise and party hub. Anyone who’s been to ‘Koukounaries’ beach will know what I’m talking about. The turquoise blue sea is something out of this world. But of course, Skiathos is a lot more than that. The nightlife is legendary, and even though you’re likely to see as many ‘normal’ people as revelers, don’t be fooled. When night time comes, Skiathos transforms itself into a full-fledged open air disco.

The 3 Best Greek Party Islands (Not Called Mykonos)

This summer, go nuts. Enjoy freedom. Be as careless and carefree as you can possibly take. You never know when you’ll get the chance to do it again.

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