Three Greek Islands To Suit All Tastes

This summer is shaping up to be an important one. The hope is that the nightmare will soon go away and we can all go on with our lives. With Greece opening its borders this May, the travelers who do make their way to Greece will most certainly witness a different side of Greece, one with fewer tourists and plentiful options. The Greek islands are going to be all the rage this year, it seems. But there are so many of them to pick from it sometimes feels overwhelming. The truth is that there is something for everything. Greece caters to every single whim and taste. Whether you’re single, married with kids, with family or simply in a personal adventure. We’ve selected three islands that we believe are perfectly suited for young people looking to party, families and nature and adventure enthusiasts. Each to his own, then.


For singles, young people and the carefree who want to let loose and go wild, the first island that comes to mind is Mykonos. And with good reason. It gives Ibiza a run for its money and then some. This island has inspired many since the days of Jackie’O in the 50’s, and it continues to do so. And while some may argue that Mykonos has gotten too big for its own shoes, it certainly takes it in its stride, for in Mykonos one can party next to blue blood royals, scions of vast fortunes and celebrities, as if it were studio 54. And in a sense that’s what Mykonos is. An adult playground sans the casinos. If you don’t find your groove here, then we give up.


For families it really is far simpler. The options are abundant. Lots of islands have all-inclusives, but it’s in Rhodes where we would suggest you take your family. The aforementioned all-inclusives are ample, the island won’t break your bank and the general ambience of the island is conducive to that. It doesn’t hurt that Rhodes is a veritable treasure trove of history, architectural styles and lush fauna and flora. Head to the valley of butterflies, or climb ‘Filerimos’ to check out the roaming peacocks. The sweeping view is totally awesome. And that’s before we get to the beaches, water sport amenities and charming Rhodes town with its medieval castle.


For adventurers and naturalists, hikers and climbers, Greece must seem like paradise. Nearly all the islands are mountainous and all of them have hiking trails, and while Andros takes the cherry for hiking, Kalymnos has garnered a solid reputation as a legitimate climbing destination. The steep, limestone cliffs and vertiginous falls have rendered Kalymnos an absolute must in most climber’s calendars. There are numerous hiking trails, too, as well as the water sports.

Three Greek Islands To Suit All Tastes

Whatever your mission is this summer, Greece has you covered.

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