When In Greece: 3 Drinks Not To Miss

As with most things concerning Greece, this entry will take note of the beverages that must be sampled while in the land of the Gods. Greece has a long history of drink consumption, alcoholic, psychotropic or for simple refreshment. Imbibing is so vital to Greek culture there’s even a deity of drink and fun. The God Dionysus is largely the inspiration for what is now known as carnival, or the jubilation of life and ecstasy. We’ve picked out 3 drinks for each portion of the day. All three are made with ingredient that are endemic to Greece and nowhere else in the world, so, really, no pressure.


In the morning people usually drink coffee. Unless you’re depressed or ill, coffee is usually the only thing to get you out of hibernation, but we’re taking you the other way. We’re proposing ‘mountain tea’ leaves that are mostly found in some parts of the med like Spain and Greece. The active siderites component is a boon for your immune system as it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory elements as well as a host of useful antibacterial properties. In an age where most of what we put into our bodies is contaminated with a microcosm of plastic nanoparticles it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give your body a break now and again.


Come afternoon time, or noon, heck, you’re on holiday, treat yourself to a smooth, cool and refreshing glass of ‘Assyrtiko’ white, preferably straight from its original source: Santorini. This grape variety is much vaunted and has garnered a reputation as a pound-for-pound world heavyweight champion, crushing opposition like Thanos. Its affordability is really just the icing on the cake, particularly when the tariffs-free realization hits home. That glass can and probably will, easily become a bottle. As you sit on some lounger on a beach, watching the radiant lights of ray play around you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.


The mere mortals of the day, back then, sipped on a (some argue, and with good reason) psychotropic beverage known as ‘kykeonas’. It was comprised of barley, water and herbs, mainly mint and some spices, as well as honey. Nowadays the denizens of Greece sip on ‘masticha’ cocktails. This is the wonder-drug that Hippocrates prescribed for a number of ailments and its sole producing island, Chios, has always been a protectorate of whichever empire du’jour passed by and took a fancy, that’s how valuable this tree resin is. The ‘masticha’ resin is used in many different ways, one of which is alcoholic drinks. It’s soothing and peppermint like flavor is overpowering but pares well with several other ingredients, especially spring and summer ones like strawberries. Sunset cocktails will never be the same.

When In Greece: 3 Drinks Not To Miss

This summer, get your love for life back. Get yourself to Greece.

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