If you’ve ever wondered what Greece and its islands look like after the summer orgy of activity and hectic haggling, you don’t have to look too far. Admittedly, Greece does resemble a different country after the throngs of tourists have gone home, and it is what it is. But a discerning traveler always knows better. And in Greece’s case, you could do no better than travel around with ease and more bounce to the ounce. Thanks to climate change, you can now enjoy summer temperatures in September and October (heck, maybe even November at the rate the ice caps are melting) without having to pay an arm and a leg (looking at you, Mykonos).

Cruising the Greek islands is almost a rite of passage, especially for many northern Europeans of yesteryear (or as we like to call them the good ol’ days of pure, egalitarian, unfettered hedonism) and a sizeable chunk of them return with their kids. And you know something’s good when you come back for seconds or thirds.

So imagine the Aegean and the Cyclades with less people, better prices and even better deals. September and October are ideal in Greece. Now with more destinations on the itinerary, it’s almost a steal.

Consider Volos, one of the new ports of call and a charming sea side city on the eastern coast. It boasts a thriving student population and one of Greece’s most underrated and unexplored phenomenon; the tsipouradika tradition of mezes being constantly brought to your table with every carafe of tsipouro order in what can only be described as a reverse Brazilian rodizio. Drink yourself merry and we’ll provide all the food. Not surprisingly, British Airways have gotten in on the act with direct flights from the UK. You bet.

Going Greek this fall? Get on a cruise and ride the seas like one should. Like a boss and without hassle.

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