Explore Greece with it’s Premier Destination Management Company

Greece is paradise on earth. The benefits of living here are countless (we’ll just gloss over the disadvantages). From healthier living to meaningful connections, there is nothing that compares. Its diverse morphology is something that most people fail to grasp. Greece isn’t just the islands. Greece is mountains, lakes, wetlands, gorges, rivers and one of Europe’s most vibrant wildlife environments.

If you add to that the ultramodern tourist infrastructures now in place, you start to understand why it’s in the top 5 of global travel destinations. Professionals from across the globe have an easy decision when it’s time to decide where to set up their conferences, MICE and corporate events; Greece is a no brainer. Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa Greece is well positioned to attract entities from across the globe, as the distances are convenient for everyone.

Athens Express DMC has been at the forefront of these developments as Greece’s premier destination management company. With over 7 decades of continuous existence, it’s easy to see why experience matters, especially in a country with so many variables and unexpected changes.

Greece is turning into one heck of a place to be and live. This is exemplified by the plethora of new hotels that are being built in and around Athens, as well as many of the most popular destinations like Crete, Mykonos and Santorini.

Getting your corporate event in Greece means loads of different options for the venue, activities and team building exercises. The incredible and affordable food, the proximity to the sea and the mountains give Athens a distinct advantage over other European cities.

Athens Express can deliver the most high-end, luxury services available. Its dedicated team and associates around the country means everything is covered and accounted for, leading to fewer ‘surprises’ and less hassle.

Explore Greece with it’s Premier Destination Management Company

As one of the oldest (if not the oldest) destination management company in Greece, Athens Express takes pride in doing things right.

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