Valentine’s Day in Athens: Love It!

If you’re in love, then Greece is a magical place in which to be and live. Maybe it’s something about the incandescent Greek light, or it could be the Dionysian energy that oozes through the marble cracks like sulphuric gases in Delphi (it’s how the oracle saw those visions, apparently). It could be a myriad of reasons, but whichever one you choose, the end result is always the same; good vibrations and a belly full of love. And so, with Valentine’s Day mere weeks away, it is worth asking the question (one of many we suspect): To Greece or not to Greece? Fret not. We, here, at Athens Express are more than happy to give you the lowdown on what’s good for a romantic jaunt in Europe’s oldest city.


Whether it’s a short weekend, or Greekend, or more, Athens has everything you need to spend some blissful days bathing in the juices of your love. Take your loved one for a stroll to Athens’s highest point: Lycabettus Hill. Sitting 300 meters above sea level and commanding a sizzling 360 view of the entire city, Lycabettus is a steadfast staple of Athenian romance, bringing in everyone from lovelorn teenagers to elderly tourists eager to soak up the rays from up top, while contemplating the horizon as it reaches the sea.

Glyfada & the Beach

Speaking about the sea, you’ll notice that Athens is a seaside town, with the beach suburbs of high-end Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Alimos (amongst others) a short 20min car ride from downtown. Granted, beach time may be off-limits-unless you’re a winter swimmer-but but Lake Vouliagmeni is a constant 20-odd degree year-round, so a dip could be on the horizon. The southern suburbs are full of Michelin-starred restaurants and a breezy vibe that pairs well with love-ins.

Northern Suburbs

Naturally, as is wont in winter, a cosy fire place and some marshmallows can do wonders, and so the northern suburbs of Kiffisia and the Penteli mountain are ideal if you’re an alpine-oriented couple. Expect to see plenty of ol time-y tavernas and traditional roast houses interspersed with high-end eateries and a healthy dollop of traditional stone houses and trendy bars. This is one of the prettiest districts in Athens, and one sure to kindle the sparks of love.

Valentine’s Day in Athens: Love It!

This Valentine’s Day, choose Athens and you’ll live like a God/ess. No sacrifices are needed, either.

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