Greece 2021: 200 Years of Independence

Greeks are widely known as a fun loving bunch with a penchant for smashing plates and busting out into spontaneous dance moves at the drop of a hat. Admittedly it doesn’t take much to get people into the mood. Even the slightest occasion calls for a huge slap up meal (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and a gathering of plenty of friends and relatives. In Greece, name days are even more important than birthdays, on account of the religious theme of saints. Easter is the most important holiday and the celebrations for that make 4th of July look like a children’s party. So, imagine what happens when the bicentennial year marking the start of the Greek Revolution takes place this year of our Lord, 2021. Expect fireworks. Expect music. Expect food. Lots of glorious, delicious food. And parties. Everywhere. At any time.


Celebrations in Greece are a serious business. Having fun is practically an obligation, probably protected in an amendment in the Greek constitution, no doubt called the Dionysian clause. Is it a reach? Maybe. But it probably isn’t far off the mark. And if you think this is being taken lightly, then think again. The person responsible for coordinating the Herculean task of organizing the Athens Olympics in 2004, has again been tasked with bringing this endeavor together.


At this point, little is known about what we’re to expect in terms of events, what with this Covid 19 virus still kicking about, but if we are to go with past experiences, one would be right to assume that every angle and precaution will be factored in.

Greece 2021: 200 Years of Independence

This year will be a significant one for the world. In Greece the poignancy of 2021 is tinged with amplified layers of meaning. This year, Greece celebrates its independence from the ottoman yoke. Given the turmoil the world finds itself in, this celebration should be a re affirmation of the values that made France, England and Russia come to the aid of a beleaguered country with a decisive naval battle that culminated in the slow disintegration of the last bastion of oppression. The democratic values of liberty, freedom and independence ae under scrutiny across the globe and Greece finds itself at the front line. This year, come to Greece. Stand tall and proud, in the shadow of the Acropolis as we renew our commitment to a fun, peace loving world, devoid of animosity, jealousy, division and hate. Make 2021 the year we make the world great again. Opa!

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