River Cruising Through the Heart of Europe: Part 2

Get your cruise on this summer. Visit Europe as you’ve never had before; on a river cruise through the heart of old Europe. With so much to see and do, you’ll find that river cruises are an extremely comfortable and efficient way to get around and explore all the neat cities on the itineraries. From Amsterdam to Basel and Antwerp to Cologne, the architectural and cultural marvels that you see on your feed will come to life before you. Stick around and we’ll give you the lowdown on all the awesome destinations of our river cruise program.

Grand Cruise through Benelux (Holland & Belgium)

The first stop on the Grand Cruise through Benelux (Belgium & Holland) starts in Amsterdam. This city needs no introductions. The free-spirited poster child of European libertarian nodes, it’s one of the most famous European destinations for people of certain persuasions. Here you’ll get to enjoy the famous Dutch hospitality and experience its vibrant culture. The next stop is Numegen. This small little town near the German borders is an absolute delight. The oldest city in Holland, it is full of medieval curios, charming cafes, and a vibrant energy from its student population. Crossing over to Belgium and the historic port city of Antwerp, on the river cruise, you’ll get to enjoy it thoroughly as it’s a two-day stop. There are ample architecture, culture, and cobblestone streets to keep you occupied as you shop around. Don’t miss out on its fortresses and cathedrals. Rotterdam is your next stop on this awesome river cruise, and this Dutch city is unlike others, as it was completely reconstructed following WW2. Modernity, futuristic designs, and state-of-the-art innovations are what characterize this gem. Walk around its charming canals and waltz in and out of cafes as you survey this metropolis by the river.

Grand Cruise through the Rhine and Benelux (Holland & Belgium)

The Grand Cruise through the Rhine and Benelux takes in 4 countries, and it starts in the multicultural intersection of Switzerland known as Basel. This historic city is an art lover’s heaven, as it hosts the Basel Art fair and is home to a wide array of galleries, museums, and architectural curios. Walk around its medieval streets and soak in the old time-y ambiance and culture. Moving over to France, the river cruise takes us to Strasburg, one of the liveliest student cities. This Alsatian gem is home to the EU parliament, as well as several venerable institutions, located in the EU quarter. But walk around its old quarter with its medieval cathedrals and cobbled streets and you’ll find more than your share of surprises. The canals are a pretty good way to get to grips with the city and its lively atmosphere. Cruising on to Germany, and Speyer, one of the oldest German towns that was founded by the Romans. It is a port city on the Rhine with lovely architecture and traditional German beer halls and medieval castles. The Old Town is a great way to eat your way through some of the local grub on offer and do some sightseeing, while its Jewish heritage and strong wine-making traditions are a neat way to get to grips with its history. Rüdesheim is next. This German port town in the Rhine valley is a delight. It’s small and charming with a long history of winemaking and steeped in nature. River cruising through here ought to be one of the highlights of the trip as you amble through. The romantic Koblenz is yet another German town you’ll fall for. Located between the Rhine and Moselle river intersection, you’ll marvel at the flower festooned city founded by Romans. Nature abounds here, with delightful walkways and medieval castles everywhere. The fun-loving city of Cologne is next on our river cruise, and this one is great for its beer festivals and parties. This town is centered on the old cathedral that looms majestically over the skyline, but look around and you’re likely to find equally impressive medieval churches and modern curiosities, too. The final stop is Amsterdam. Check in, tune out and find your spot in this legendary city. Canals, cafes, and museums are waiting to be discovered.

River Cruising Through the Heart of Europe: Part 2

River cursing through Europe is a trip. You’ll never look at airplanes the same, ever again.

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