Road Trip to the North of Greece: Fly and Drive

Travel to the north of Greece and be surprised to find that this Mediterranean gem is more than whitewashed cubist houses, pretty beaches, and seafood lunches. Journey up north on a road trip and you will find that it is almost a different country unto itself. Rent a car, on the fly and drive program, and pick your route from the many available. You get to visit unique destinations like Meteora, archaeological marvels like the oracle of Delphi, and multicultural foodie cities like Thessaloniki. What’s handy about calling your shots, is the freedom it affords you, as you can choose your itinerary at will. Stick around and we’ll show you a few neat places to stop on your grand tour of the north.


Stop at Delphi, first, and take in the mythical surroundings of the oracle and all its adjoining ruins, like the temple of Apollo, wedged inside a mountain slope. It is a spiritual place and, you can sense it when walking around it

Pelion & Volos

Your next stop is Pelion, and Volos. Pelion is the legendary mountain of the centaurs, who roamed free and wild. These days, you’re more likely to see skiers (5 Pigadia ski center is fun) and visitors to the scenic mountain hamlets like Makrinitsa, with cobblestone streets and stone mansions. If you feel brave, you can traverse the peak and reach its other side, where the Pangasatic gulf is home to several beaches, like Chorefto. Volos is home to a delightful port city that is fast becoming a foodie destination due to its fabled tsipouradika culture.


Head further north and you’ll get to seeone of Greece’s most impressive sights. Meteora are floating monasteries perched on solid limestone boulders that go hundreds of meters high. This is one of God’s true miracles, as well as man’s because the engineering and skill required are mind-blowing.


Litochoro sits at the foot of the mythical mountain Olympus and is a great way to combine some sightseeing and maybe even a hike up. Nature abounds in the north of Greece, and this is no exception. Look out for endemic fauna and flora, and don’t forget to try home-cooked food.


Ioannina is the lake town of the north of Greece. Its proud and independent character makes it a favorite amongst discerning travelers. Lake Pamvotida is the focal point of the small city, with scenic streets and mansions sprouting up here and there and nature all but reaching in for you at some points.


Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the most important in the north, certainly. It is also the de facto foodie capital of Greece, with a pedigree that melds Greek, Balkan, Byzantine, Jewish, and ottoman flavors seamlessly. It doesn’t hurt that it is filled with archaeological curios and marvels like Hadrian’s Gate, Modiano, and Kapani markets, not to mention a host of Roman and Hellenistic heritage sights that are unique. This port city oozes character, has tons of bars, cafes, public squares, and an al-fresco culture that is intoxicating.

Road Trip to the North of Greece: Fly and Drive

What’s best about doing a road trip up in the north of Greece is that you get to see the country as it is, and not as you’d likely see it through someone else’s lens. The low season presents opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily have during summer.

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