Andros, Euboea, Tinos & Kea: 4 of the most Tranquil Greek islands

The Cyclades are considered as iconic as the Acropolis, if not more. In the land of democracy and philosophy, the geometric simplicity of the white cube houses stands as the real image of a country that literally invented history. There isn’t another cluster of islands in the world that elicit such strong and emotional responses, perhaps. Come for the Parthenon, stay for the islands. And so in this week’s installment we look at 3 islands from this chain plus the island of Eunoea.


Euboea is the second biggest Greek island. One that is steeped in history. It’s said that many of the proto Greek Ionian tribes originated from this island, and so for history lovers this is an obvious starting point. The close proximity to Athens makes it an ideal getaway. The beaches are incredible, and the island’s size means that the scope for exploration is extensive, while at the same time your privacy and serenity are all but guaranteed.


Kea is similarly close to Athens but it seems like it might be a million miles away. Kea isn’t particularly developed and that works in your favor if you’re looking for tranquility. Kea has some neat walking trails and the island is canopied with a lush oak and olive tree groves, fertile valleys and some truly mesmerizing beaches.


Andros, like Kea and Euboea is a family affair. Also close to Athens, at just 2 hours on the ferry, and also boasting magnificent beaches and great walking trails, Andros is ideal for people looking to wind down and enjoy the languid Cycladic rhythms.


Tinos is an up and coming island that is generally best known for the religious festival of the Assumption that takes place in the grandiose church every 15th of August. But look further and you’ll encounter a vibrant surfing scene, a slow cooking movement steeped in lore and a marbling tradition that manifests itself in spectacular ornate dovecotes and the hub of sculpting in the village of ‘Pyrgos’.

Andros, Euboea, Tinos & Kea: 4 of the most Tranquil Greek islands

The Cyclades are incredibly diverse once you uncover the obligatory tourist-y fixtures. There’s nothing like rolling up on a sleepy mountain village and discovering its true nature.

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