Welcome to the new normal. Normal now replacing the word ‘unprecedented’ for what most refer to as the unforgiving nature of climate change. As we speak, Athens is currently on fire, and as much as we’d like to mean that metaphorically, it’s in the most literal of terms, as temps have reached 40. If you’re in Athens, the only thing on your mind should be where to go and cool down. Thankfully, Athens is brimming with top notch beaches, some as close as 10 minutes, depending on where you’re situated. The south of Athens is serviced by the Athenian Riviera that stretches for 12 kilometers from Piraeus to Cape Sounion. The north suburb denizens inevitably turn to the much closer Marathon and ‘Schinias’ beach which is a semi protected habitat with wide esplanades and a conifer forest. This week, we take a look at the 3 best Athenian beaches.

For those of you with time on their hands, or at least with the option of working remotely, congratulations! We’re not jealous, at all. Head down to ‘Asteras’ Beach. All that free time will be put to good use as you peruse the immaculately kept space and its adjoining sports facilities, not to mention the fantastic waters. The admission price is not too steep for the calm and amenities it provides. Located just off the main road and boasting of a hallowed history, this southern Athenian beach is your go to beach.

If you’re feeling adventurous, and don’t mind slabs of stone as replacements for sand, then we wholeheartedly recommend you visit ‘Limanakia’. Essentially a small bay that is flanked by rocks and a beach bar. If you’re into the whole diving off rocks and stretching across the rocks like a lizard with a beer on your hand, then you’ve found your spot. It’s certainly a less than mainstream option so expect to see young people almost exclusively. And loud music.

For those looking to connect with nature, ‘Schinias’ beach is where you want to be. Located in the northern suburb grid and on a less space restricted zone, this 3 kilometer long beach is expansive and wide. Flanked by a panoply of fir and oak trees it is easy to get lost. Its ideal for families, and large groups. It is a people’s beach and

Athens is a seaside city. Sometimes that gets lost in the translation, what with the Parthenon being the main draw, but it shouldn’t be the case. Not with the amount and quality of beaches available.

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