Discover 5 of the best things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus is a destination like no other, sitting at a crossroads of empires, cultures, and invariably, smells, sounds, and lifestyles. They all coexist on the island of Aphrodite, in the far reaches of the eastern Mediterranean, as they have for centuries. There are incredible landscapes, intertwined with fertile valleys, spectacular beaches, and warm hospitality. Things to do include visits to the world-famous Agia Napa, cities like Lemesos, Leukosia, Larnaca, and scenic Paphos, as well as Nature Parks like Troodos not to mention a wide assortment of archaeological treasures ranging from Neolithic and Phoenician to Roman and Venetian. If you’re holidays take you to Cyprus, here are some of the best things to do.


The island of Aphrodite, as it’s referred to, is full of ruins and temples dedicated to the goddess, and one of the most important (Unesco heritage sites) is the one in Pafos. That’s where you’ll find the massive underground city that the Romans built, which is still being excavated today.

Agia Napa

Agia Napa is sure to be one of the first things you do in Cyprus, especially if you’re young and want to party, s this party resort by the sea is like a miniature version of Mykonos in some ways. Located in the Ammochostos district, it caters to partygoers and is the island’s biggest nightlife spot. Its beaches like Nissis have golden fluffy sand and turquoise waters that are exotic. If you wish more privacy, head to Protaras and Kermia beaches.


Cities like Lemesos are reminiscent of Miami-on-the-Med. This seaside city is full of incredible museums and galleries, as well as a pretty, palm-fringed promenade and excellent nightlife. Head to the medieval Kolossi and Limassol castles, then maybe take a breather and check out the awesome Fassouri waterpark, if you’re towing kids. There are other fun things to do like visiting the municipal gardens and the Zoo. Don’t leave without visiting the Koureion archaeological site, where a theater, temple ruins, and several scattered bits and pieces complete the picture atop a majestic hill.


Larnaka is another seaside town with loads of energy and history. Check out the Kamares aqueducts visible from almost anywhere in the city, or go beach-hopping to Faros, Finikouses, and Mackenzie beaches. Other things to do include visits to Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques and hamamms, and several other cathedrals and monasteries.

National Parks

Cyprus is nothing if not a naturalist’s dream. There are many national parks, compared to its size and if you like exploring, you’ll get your fill. Cape Greco national park is one of the most significant nature reserves. There are sea caves to discover, bicycle tracks, and clean waters for a swim. Troodos national park is another to keep on your bucket list, as it is the largest in Cyprus, covering 9,000 hectares. It has 3 camping sites, 9 picnic areas, and 10 walking trails extending throughout 57 square km.

Discover 5 of the best things to do in Cyprus

With so many things to see and o in Cyprus, you’ll need a few days to get everything in, as this small island packs well above its weight. It has everything you could ask from your holidays: great food, awesome nightlife, and incredible natural landscapes, wrapped in superb historical pedigree.

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