Greece & Dubai: A Bridge between Past and Future

The Mediterranean basin is rich in history. Which means its rich in culture. Which usually means a couple things: A: good food, and B: good people. By and large, this holds true. Anyone who knows a thing or two about this corner of the world can easily testify to its magnetic draw. People who visit, usually go back for more. It is the undisputable king of the heavyweights when it comes to it. With a plethora of countries from which to choose-all with their own distinct flavor-the Mediterranean is simply unbeatable.

These last few years have seen the emergence of a few more destinations along the Med trail; the financial behemoths of the United Arab Emirates have given us more reason to be optimistic when it comes to choices available. From Portugal to Bahrein, the Med offers a number of choices not seen anywhere else in the world. Food, culture, nightlife, sun, friendly people, traditional ways of life, quaint villages, grandiose architecture, technological feats of excellence… These are but a few of the things that one can experience while in the Mediterranean.


And in Dubai, a new paradigm is emerging. One that marries the old with the new in a supersonic display of sound and light. Dubai is all about excess, opulence and conspicuous consumption. Its where one can go atop the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa. Its where one can ski on an artificial slope anytime of the year. But at the same time it’s a place wjere you can visit a traditional fishing village and sip chai alongside a Bedouin, amble along the Grand Souk and the spice quarter and shop for hidden gems. You’ll be doing a lot of shopping in Dubai. There are malls for days, and food courts with every single dish from every single corner of the globe. The sheer diversity is staggering.


Greece on the other hand offers a different palate of sensory stimulation. It might not boast the extravagance of Dubai, but it offers a decidedly more varied set of options. You can visit any of the 300 odd inhabited islands, mainland Greece and its mountainous charm or go urban and check out the likes of Athens and Thessaloniki. Great museums, vibrant street art and a DIY ethos will make you fall in love with these gritty but beautiful cities. The islands are an obvious draw for their simple, rustic life, seasonal produce and laid back friendly people, with their inimitable joie de vivre.

Greece & Dubai: A Bridge between Past and Future

One can go from old to new in a matter of hours. From glimpsing what the future could look like in all of Dubai’s futuristic exaltation, to Greece’s timeless glory, the Mediterranean is a place like no other.

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