Holidays in Crete: Winter Edition

Crete may be one of the best known summer holiday destinations in the world, and as one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean it provides a wide array of experiences for the visitor, all year round. Holidays in Crete mean amazing food, incredible archaeological marvels, charming cities and time forgotten villages and a varied natural beauty that includes places like Samaria gorge, the White Mountain and Ida ranges. And it is here that we want to take you; to the winter side of things in Crete, when life flows in the other direction during the cold months. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Crete holidays and experience it differently, stick around and we’ll let you know why Crete is one of the best winter destinations.


The highest peak of Mt. Ida, Psiloritis (birthplace of Zeus, allegedly), sitting at a hefty 2.456 meters is a legit skiing destination that is beginning to garner serious attention. The slopes have been operational since 2008 and as of 2014 even boasts an international ski festival. The 5 resident peaks of Psiloritis are good for a hike, too and Skinakas is even home to Greece’s biggest observatory (open to visitors during the summer months). You can have at it all day, and then head down for grub at one of the villages. Holidays in Crete just got an upgrade.

White Mountains

Do your holidays in Crete a favor and head to the legendary White Mountain range. This is the big kahuna of natural wonders in Crete, occupying a vast part of the island in the center. Pachnes, the highest peak weighs in at 2,453 meters and there are another 30 or so summits measuring more than 2,000m. This place is wild and untamed, just like Crete’s character and with skiing options aplenty, you’ll have your hands full. Look out for one of the four refuges available and bring your binoculars if you want to spot fauna.

Samaria gorge

If you want to experience a one-of-a-kind natural spectacle, we suggest a visit to the grandiose Samaria gorge, the deepest one in Europe. Located within the vast White Mountain range, itis surrounded by a green canopy of lush forest and home to several endemic species of fauna and flora. Hiking there is a unique way to explore the majestic outdoors and definitely something that will make your holidays in Crete stand out. Its proximity to the picturesque port city of Chania and its delectable food scene is a bonus. Wash it down with raki for maximum enjoyment. And never say no to a free shot of moonshine.

Holidays in Crete: Winter Edition

Crete does holidays like no other. It is an island that is big and full of natural wonders. Great food, a vibrant nightlife and enough archaeological curios to keep you busy for a while. Get out and about and see the long mountain ranges and deep gorges that spine through it.

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