Athens By Night: Get your Party On

If you want holidays that begin and end at the crack of dawn, Athens is probably where you want to be. The city that never sleeps melds culture and fun in spades, and when you factor in the year round temperate weather and the fact that the Athens Riviera is a mere 20 minute drive you begin to see why Athens is considered one of the liveliest after hours cities in the world. Athens by night is an experience that blends old and new, fusing a lifestyle that sucks the marrow out of life and intoxicates you with its joie de vivre. Take your pick from beach clubs, rooftop bars with Acropolis views, grungy tavernas, world-famous cocktail bars and Michelin starred avant-garde eateries. Stick around and we’ll show you some of the best Athens offers by night.

Tavernas & Restaurants

When it comes to Athenian nights, it’s prudent to start your night with a good meal, lest you fall by the wayside. If you want something close to the city center, it’s always good to follow the locals. Head to anyone of the tavernas in Keramikos or Metaxourgio. A great deal of culinary goodness is cooked there with meat tavernas being the best choice for a hearty and affordable meal. Otherwise, places like Nolan and C.T.C kick it up a notch or two. Athens is home to 6 Michelin starred restaurants including Spondi and Hytra as well as several Bib gourmands, not to mention a whole arsenal of sea food taverns and grill houses.

Bars & Clubs

Following that, Athens by night continues with drinks at one of Athens’s many rooftop bars and speakeasies. Monastiraki and Psirri house the largest number as does Syntagma, but head east towards Gazi and places like BIOS will shift the focus and you’ll get to enjoy a more sweeping view of the sacred rock. If you want cocktails try out the world famous Baba-Au-Rum and The Clumsies bars. They regularly crack top 10 lists for their innovative take on ingredients and both are located in Monastiraki. When the watch shows 2 or 3 A.M it’s time to hit the clubs. Whether you want some sea side fun in the southern suburbs of Elliniko and Glyfada or party in the district of Gazi downtown, you’ll probably have your way. At night, Athens really comes into its own, as people begin the party in earnest in beach clubs like Bolivar and Island.

Athens By Night: Get your Party On

Get your party on and dance the night away. Holidays in Athens at night are special.

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