Holidays in Athens: Christmas Magic

Christmas time is a delightful part of the year in Athens. The city that never sleeps brings out the lights and fanfare, all bells and whistles, to create a magical atmosphere that is unique and special. Holidays in Athens means excellent home cooked food, open shops and bars, with people coming and going and just about everyone on the streets. Taking in the sights without the summer crowds is a different experience, altogether, and what’s more, traveling around the various mountain destinations in the countryside mean you can base yourself there and jump in and out at leisure. If you’re looking for some diversity and out of the box fun, then Athens will definitely surprise you.


The scenic mountain town of Arachova, just 2 hours away from Athens, is a prime holiday destination that is a staple of Greek holidays. Convenient for its proximity to Mountain Parnassos and its fabulous skiing Centre, as well as Delphi, you can make a day trip, or a weekend out of it and enjoy some of the fine food served in tavernas in Arachova, apres ski and explore the countryside and all its archaeological curios. How’s that for a winter getaway?


Slightly further up the road, at 3 hours away from Athens, Karpenisi and its alpine beauty are just about the prettiest mountain hamlet around the county of Evrytania. Mount Timfristos is home to the Velouchi ski center, and on its slopes sits Karpenisi itself. The area is full of quaint small villages with stone mansions and tavernas cooking up a batch of local sausages and gargled down with the fiery raki or tsipouro.

Athens north suburbs

If you don’t feel like traveling too far, Athens itself has you covered. Head up to the northern districts of the city and experience Athens holidays, suburb style. The mountainous neighborhoods under Mountain Penteli are full of charm and up-scale pizazz, with great eateries and bars for every taste.

Holidays in Athens: Christmas Magic

Holidays in Athens are great. During winter and the Christmas holidays, it is downright special. Not many people have latched on it, meaning you can enjoy the city like locals do.

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