Athens: City Break in The City That Never Sleeps

Athens is a city that will enchant you. As a city break destination it offers some great advantages that are difficult to find in other European cities and that’s because it combines sea and mountain with urban delights. And that’s before you get to the historical sights and the food. Its proximity to most of Europe, the Middle east, Africa and Asia means it benefits from favorable geography cutting traveling costs by quite a bit. Affordable yet classy and timeless, Athens never sleeps; the party continues till the last customer has left. Good for weekend escapades or even a longer weekend, you can experience great hospitality to go with that awesome Greek salad and souvlaki. Greece and Athens in particular have upped the ante when it comes to food, with 10 Michelin starred restaurants that stretch from south to north of the city. Tsipouro, ouzo and the fabulous Greek wine tradition await those who make the pilgrimage.


Having 300 days of sunshine really does something to the psyche, too. Even in winter you can grab a taxi and be swimming within 20 minutes from the city center in the southern suburb of Glyfada. Similarly, the 5 mountains that surround Athens are superb hiking spots, particularly Parnitha and Penteli.


Historical sights should get you up and going, as the city center is strewn with pillars, temples and churches thousands of years old. There’s the Acropolis, obviously, as well as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic stadium and several other little curios along the way. The cradle of western civilization, Athens is flat out impressive.


Walking around the hilly, uneven grounds of this historical gem will fill you with the sights and sounds of yesteryear. The city center itself is walkable and full of stuff to see and do. Its safe, with virtually no crime (apart from pickpockets), so you can rest easy.


Located in the middle between continents, it has benefitted from various influences that have made this place what it is today; a multicultural, yet fiercely proud civilization that embraces one and all as equal to take part in the celebration of life that Athens throws every day.

Athens: City Break in The City That Never Sleeps

Life is a theater. Come and play and dance and drink. You’ll never forget this experience.

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