Greek islands and fun are synonymous. There’s a feeling of love, acceptance and freedom and a sense that anything goes. For people in love that feeling augments exponentially. Greek islands are magical that way, whether its Santorini and its romantic allure, Mykonos and its exhuberant nightlife or one of the many tranquil islands such as Milos where life remains largely unaffected by modernity.

Greek Island honeymoon: Santorini

Santorini is a honeymoon classic that transcends words if only for the almost mystical sunset of Oia. But that wouldn’t do Santorini any justice, so a boat ride around the island ought to be enough to convince you, and if that’s not enough then try looking for the 3500 year old ruins of Akrotiri-the oldest known settlement of the Late Neolithic period in Europe. And then theres the food. The glorious food. Owing to the rich volcanic soil underneath, Santorini is a gastro paradise of healthy eating with an up and coming wine culture.

Greek Island honeymoon: Mykonos

If however, your libido asks for more, then look no further than Mykonos-a veritable adult playground for all tastes, featuring great beaches, nightlife and food, and starring the cosmopolitan jet set. In Mykonos it’s all about sensory over stimulation as well as relaxation. Thalassotherapy spas and massage parlours abound in the island-great for a day of pampering with your other half before the nocturnal onslaught.

Greek Island honeymoon: Milos

For a more tranquil getaway, without the presence of people, head to Milos. Unlike it’s neighbors Santorini and Mykonos, Milos is not that developed-you won’t see Louis Vuitton stores and there aren’t 200 dollar cocktails, and you certainly won’t be seeing Kim Kardashian there any time soon-and that’s how people like to keep it. What you can expect to find is good, healthy, locally sourced food with plenty of character, friendly locals, spectacular beaches (as well as some surprisingly interesting tours) and the chance to moan about the Louvre owning ‘Venus of Milo’.

Greek Island honeymoon: Exploring Santorini, Mykonos, and Milos

This summer, Greece is the word.

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