Greece has more mountains per square meter than any other country in Europe. And just by observing the geology of most islands you visit, what becomes strikingly clear is that the vast majority are mountainous. The mainland is no different, evident in Athens, surrounded as it is by 4 mountains: Pendeli, Parnitha, Imitos and Egaleo. In fact, Athens itself is punctuated by Lycabettus hill and of course the Acropolis.. The most important of all.

Hiking and trekking those 4 mountains is a favourite Athenian pastime, especially in the weekends, but what really gets prime coverage is mount Parnassus and its ethereal landscape, and of course its ski center. Its close proximity to Athens is a boon for enthusiastic winter sports fans, not to mention foodies. The village of Arachova, perched on the slopes on the foot of the mountain, offers a delicious array of traditional sausages and cheeses, especially formaela, a cylindrical wheel of cheese that gets fried on the pan and served in all its melting glory. Rest assured that any excesses can be rectified with some slaloms on the red flag slopes, so indulge guilt free!

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Pelion: the area

And speaking of indulging, Pelion is right up your alley. Lodged in between Volos and the Aegean, Pelion is nothing short of enchanting. Almost straight out of a Hans Christiansen novel the landscape is beguiling in its serene tranquility and verdant luminosity. The villages of Makrinitsa and Hania are simply spectacular in their bucolic ambience, particularly the main square in Makrinitsa. Cobblestone streets, traditional cottages lining them built in the traditional way with the locally sourced stone from the mountain and age old trees shading the local tavern… Really, just a magical way to spend your holidays in Greece.

Up the road, Hania may be less popular but definitely packs a culinary punch, well above its weight, as evidenced by the succulent wild boar with oven potatoes on a traditional village stove that is the staple local delicacy. Of course, sausages and several other Greek delis such as kontosouvli and gardoumpa are on the menu and you’d be well advised to try every single one of them..

The great outdoors takes on a whole new different meaning in Greece.

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Pelion: A Hidden Gem in Greece

With Athens Express and it’s Fly and Drive program, the possibility of experiencing all that Greece has to offer becomes a sweet reality, as you can tailor make your own itinerary to suit your own particular needs. We simply add the finishing touches to your masterpiece of a holiday and turn a sketch into a painting that you’ll be proud and happy with for the rest of your life.

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