The Peloponesse is stuffed with greatness. Whether its historical monuments from classical times, like Olympia and Delphi, or castles built in the middle ages by Venetians in Nafplion, you are looking at a part of the world that has played a significant role in shaping western consciousness to a degree most people are woefully unaware of. And of course, it goes without saying that this part of Greece holds a special symbolism for all Greeks, as it was from Mani, at the heart of the Peloponesse, that the war of Independence started in 1821, culminating in a triumphal victory over the crumbling Ottoman Empire a couple of decades later.

The Peloponesse, however, is much more. It is blessed with unique beauty and a rich soil that transcends borders, as any fan of Kalamata olives will gladly tell you. Beaches abound, rolling vineyards covered in the morning mist will make you fall in love with the notion of a Mediterranean holiday, so much so, that you’ll probably catch yourself thinking about the next trip back.

And how could you not? Holidays in Greece are nothing short of spectacular. The food is out of this world, the beaches are superb and that special meditteranean light shines right through your soul sending you into a state of blissful trance.

One of the main attractions is Ancient Olympia, the fabled site of the Olympic Games that took place between 8 BC and 4 AD. Walking through the ruins of Olympia, one gets a sense of profound mystical understanding, and a feeling of coming together, of being one with the earth. It is a powerful emotion, knowing that much of what is good in the world, once came from this land.

The Ancient oracle of Delphi is sure to stir some of those emotions back into life. Immortalised in many films, most recently the movie 300, the Sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena Pronaia are what remain of the spiritual home of the Dodecatheon. This is certainly the most spiritually imbued archaeological site in Greece by miles, and one can definitely feel the energy emanating from every corner. The site is built on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus and so the views of the Gulf of Corinth, surrounded by cipresses and olive groves are breathtaking and lend an extra aura of mysticism to Delphi; The navel of the world.

For the lovers, a honeymoon in Greece is perfect. Nafplion, in particular is a romantic seaside town that was once the capital of Greece. And its history stretches back even further, as archaeological excavations have discovered Roman artefacts at the Akronafplion Fortress, predating the Venetians, Byzantines and ottomans who once laid claim to this fortress town. The town itself is a unique smorgasbord of neoclaasical and venetian architecture and grand plazas, small boutique shops and cobblestoned streets.

Holidays in Greece are what life should be about, so let Greece´s premier travel agency show you how life can be lived to the full.

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