Do you dream of visiting Greece and seeing the magical Santorini with your own eyes? We can make your dream come true with one of the best Santorini holiday packages in the market.

At the outset of your journey and before traveling to Santorini, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Athens. An experienced guide will take you on an amazing city tour, where you will have the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most important monuments; the Acropolis of Athens. Admire the world-famous Parthenon and the statues of Caryatides in the Erechtheion and let the aura of Ancient Greece surround you. After this unforgettable experience, you will walk through the paths of Plaka- the place where Ancient and modern Greece meet. Enjoy delicious cuisine and talk to the friendly locals that love to share their stories!
This wonderful experience is included in the price of the package, making it one of the most competitive ones among all Santorini holiday packages!

On the next day, we cross the Aegean Sea to get to the island of Santorini! An island that is legendary not only for its exotic beauty, but also for its history. Otherwise called Thera, the island of Santorini is a remnant of a volcanic caldera that formed after one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in recorded history that happened almost 3.600 years ago. The eruption caused such a massive tsunami that it ultimately resulted in the demise of the Minoan civilization in the island of Crete, and the disaster of the Santorini island as it was at that time. The legend says that this is the place of the lost Atlantis as a truly remarkable place was lost under the ashes of the eruption and covered by the Aegean.
In the most complete package of all Santorini holiday packages you will have the chance to visit the volcano should you wish and live a truly unique experience.  You can combine your visit to the volcano with the chance to visit majestic uninhabited islands, such as Nea Kameni and enjoy a swim in their clear waters.

And this is just the beginning. The whole island is formed by volcanic rock, giving it beauty and views that look unreal. The capital of the island, Fira literally clings to the top of the cliff looking down on the volcano. Do not miss out on the opportunity to set your eyes upon the most famous sunset in the world. The combination of the volcano, the calm Aegean Sea and the sunset colors will give you a moment that will stay with you forever

During the day, you can enjoy the island beaches, each one of which has its own character and colors. Enjoy moments of absolute relaxation that will make you feel certain that you chose the best of all Santorini holiday packages. Relax under the Greek sun, swim in the blue waters of the Aegean and forget about all the worries of the daily routine. Walk the backstreets of the city, and choose among the many options that the island gives for amazing cuisine and cocktails.

On the 6th day of your journey, you will return to the city of Athens and have another chance to enjoy its famous nightlife before departing on the next day.

Santorini holiday packages

We can guarantee that choosing this one out of all Santorini holiday packages will leave you more than happy as you will enjoy a truly unforgettable week full of majestic views, relaxing moments and new experiences!

Contact us now and let us take you to the journey of a lifetime!

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