Greece has the largest coastline in Europe, and quite possibly the world; 6,000 islands scattered around the Aegean sea create a unique smorgasbord of sounds, images and smells all neatly wrapped up inside a fat, juicy souvlaki. Yum! And yes, you’d be forgiven for thinking Greece is all about food, because in a way, and as every sensible Greek will tell you, food is the magic source of ‘kefi’ (the greek word for joy), the kitchen is where everything revolves around, and of course the big family table with the many relatives, is where Greek life is lived to its fullest. Good food, good wine, good friends to share it with and maybe a little dance to walk off all that moussaka.

Although there are 6,000 islands, only 300 or so are actually inhabited, and even though 300 seems like a small number the differences in each island can be somewhat startling. Naxos for instance is renowned for the quality of its food, especially the cheeses and the meat. Lots of locally sourced ingredients mean Naxos is more or less self sufficient when it comes to feeding itself.

Ionian Sea: Yacht Rental Greece for the Ultimate Mediterranean Adventure

Go to the Ionian sea and the arid dryness of the Aegean quickly transforms into verdant, plush greenery of all shades with turquoise waters of the most spectacular hue. Down south in the Sporades you get a mix of Ionian and Aegean style landscapes that can be spectacular.

The best way to get to see everything is by boat. Not only is it cost and time effective, it is hands down the funnest way to travel the Greek seas. Recent events have driven down prices for yacht rentals, and that’s something people have taken advantage of.

Why not get 5 or 6 friends together and rent a boat for a week and sail from the Ionian sea to the North Aegean. Considering that a mere 40% of Greek beaches are accessible by land and the rest only by sea it seems like a total lack of responsibility to yourself as a human being to not discover the remaining 60%. And of course, you can expect that 60% to be devoid of any other human presence, meaning you get a whole beach to yourself to do what you please.

Sail Away in Style: Yacht Rental Greece for the Ultimate Mediterranean Adventure

The freedom to set course to the places you want to, no matter how isolated or desolate they are, is essential to any good vacation. Imagine having a skipper who is in charge of taking you around, and the only thing you worry about is what to eat and how much to drink. Sounds like an episode from Geordie Shore, right? Well, it could be you lording it up on the jet set trail.

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