The 3 Greek Islands With The Most Blue Flag Beaches in 2021

It’s no secret that Greece has beaches. Even the lost tribes of Brazil know that. With so many islands Greece has the longest coastline mileage in Europe. And that means a multitude of options for visitors. This year, as is customary, the blue flag contest that designates the status of each beach, has produced the results. 545 blue flag certified beaches and another 16 marinas, once again giving Greece second place in the world. If you like the beach life and all it has to offer if that’s what you are looking for in your holidays then you’ve come to the right place. Since most visitors to the country come for this same reason, it is almost mandatory to inform you where to go to enjoy these wonderful coasts. We give you the 3 islands with the highest number of blue flag beaches in Greece.


In first place, of course, is the island of Crete with about 120 beaches. The highest concentration is in the Lasithi region, with 40. If you’ve ever been to Crete, you already know the number, size, diversity and sheer beauty of beaches available on every corner. It is quite the privilege.


Then comes Rhodes, with 49 blue flag beaches. Rhodes is an island with a lot of topological variety, and so the diversity of beaches is absurdly abundant and varied, from sandy to rocky.


In third place comes Corfu with about 17. They may not seem that many, but on such a popular and small island (only 41 square km), having 17 level beaches is quite the accomplishment.

The 3 Greek Islands With The Most Blue Flag Beaches in 2021

Up and down the country, from east to west the sheer abundance of amazing beaches is only second to Spain, globally. This is the summer to feel reborn, and what better place to do it than Greece? The word is out.

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