5 Athens Neighborhoods To Explore in the Southern Suburbs

In the second part of our series on Athenian neighborhoods to visit, we take you to the southern suburbs of Athens. The sea, sand and sun of the islands can be found 20 minutes from downtown Athens and it’s glorious. It’s not called the Athenian Riviera for nothing. Glitz and glamour are synonymous with this area, as the 1960’s saw a parade of stars waltz through the iconic ‘Asteras’ hotel. Close proximity to the sea also means a more international crowd, with expats, athletes and businessmen all preferring the mild, palm tree fringed boulevards of the southern suburbs.


Mirroring Kifissia up north, the affluent Glyfada suburb has a gravitational pull that draws in all the major commerce and culture in the area. It has galleries, loads of bars, some truly excellent seaside clubs and a excellent seafood restaurants. That’s before you even get to the fact that you can jump right into the sea after waking up. Glyfada is also a residential area and that shows by the apartment blocks. That said, the blocks are brand spanking new and super nice.


Mikrolimano, a tiny slice of the vast Piraeus area, is, like Kefalari, a neighborhood inside another neighborhood. The scenic amphitheatrically, sloping port is home to several spectacular sea food taverns, some of them Michelin starred. A romantic endeavor through and through, this would be ideal for couples.


The neighborhood of Vouliagmeni is best known for its awesomely mystical lake. It stays the same temperature year round, between 22 and 29 degrees Celsius. The whole place is super scenic and the fact you can hit the beach, too is a bonus.


The residential area of Vari sits at the periphery and is soundly tranquil, save for the small stretch of road that is home to a string of excellent meat grillers. It’s like the golden mile of meat. Truly a spectacle that should be best enjoyed after a day at the beach.


Kavouri’s location is its main draw as it sits on a peculiar sort of mini peninsula that juts out into the sea. Again, a residential area with great access to the sea and some great taverns.

5 Athens Neighborhoods To Explore in the Southern Suburbs

Visiting Athens and not going south for a dip and a spot of lunch by the sea is almost a felony. So get locked in on the south and enjoy the fish.

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