Greece, they say, is like the sun; it’s eternal. And with 300 days of sunshine one can hardly dispute that claim. Greece boasts of untold natural beauty, too. Whether it’s the world famous beaches and immaculate clean waters, it’s rugged peaks in the Olympus mountain range, desolate volcanoes that have been turned into towns or its green, plush hillsides in the Ionian sea with azure waters. Greece is variety’s Woodstock. There are things to see in every corner, and unsurprisingly, under every rock there is sure to be a piece of history dating back millennia. Such is the abundance of historical artefacts, in fact, that an estimated 3 ancient pots correspond to every Athenian.

Naturally, Greece has an inordinate amount of museums and galleries that showcase the ancient Greek civilization, and as excavations continue yielding more light, the flow of new artefacts continues unabated.

In addition, any visitor can rest assured that their culinary proclivities will be met, and exceeded. Greece is undergoing a culinary revolution of seismic proportions, and for the traveler that means great value for great food.

Deluxe accomodation is also on the rise, and in spectacular fashion. Small, boutique hotels, and larger opulent luxury accommodation units are opening at a rapid pace and similarly conference halls and corporate getaways have become ubiquitous in cities such as Athens and Salonica, as well as smaller island destinations.

The combination of good food, sun, safety, world class deluxe accommodation and competitive prices have made Greece a great destination for corporate incentives and conference and seminars all year round.

Athens Express is in pole position and ready to manage any request for corporate incentives- with 70 years of experience and a sterling reputation to go with it, one will be hard pressed to find professionals of this caliber. Business in Greece can very easily become a pleasant habit, especially considering the advantages of world class hospitality, highly trained/highly motivated staff with superb skills and an environment that allows you to thrive. Throw in the great food, sweet beaches and laissez faire attitude to life that Greeks are famous for and you are looking at heaven!

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